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Kendrick Ruth Arrested For Alleged Brutal Assault and Robbery of Female Store Clerk Caught on Tape


ID #13-323

Kendrick Ruth has been arrested by Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies after a tipster gave them his name and led them to his hideout at a motel in Long Beach. Deputies announced he is allegedly the man caught on tape as he brutally punched a female convenience store clerk in the face so hard that she may loose her eyesight in one eye. The assault and robbery happened at a Chevron Gas Station convenience store in Lakewood, California.

According to deputies, Ruth told the clerk he wanted to buy a cigar. When she placed the cigar on the counter she told him the price was $1.41. He replied well all I have is a dollar. When she said refused to sell him the cigar for a dollar, he suddenly without warning punched the young lady in the face and then fled the scene.

Ruth has been booked into jail on robbery and assault charges and his bail is set at $100,000 dollars.

Watch Video of Assault Below

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  • So so sad over a cigar I don’t think so. Hatred ya maybe what else could it be either that or he is straight crazy! He is probably racist

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