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Hundreds of Miami Police Officers Show up to Budget Hearing for Better Salaries and Benefits That Have Been Slashed


Hundreds of Miami police officers showed up to Thursday’s budget hearing for better salaries and benefits, which have been cut. They say they risk their lives to protect our community yet are underpaid and feel under appreciated.

They were wearing T-Shirts saying “You can’t hire 100 new MPD cops if you can’t take care of the ones you already have”

“They don’t care,” said Miami Police Detective Thomas Reyes. “My pay is less now than it was four or five years ago.”

City residents also showed up, concerned about an increase in crime in the community. They demanded commissioners prioritize public safety by reallocating $10 million from the 2014 budget to hire 100 new officers.

The police union says no matter how many new positions open up, without competitive pay the department won’t be able to fill them because there is no incentive to apply.

To make their point, the police union launched an ad campaign telling potential police candidates not to apply to the Miami Police Department.

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