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Three Teens Charged with Brutal Beating of Boy on Bus May Get Probation, No Jail



Florida’s Department of Juvenile Justice recommended probation for two of the three teens charged in a vicious school-bus attack on a younger student in Gulfport, Florida, last month, according to the Tampa Tribune.The state agency has not recommended a punishment for the third teen, but prosecutors say they have not made any plea offers in the case.

The prosecution asked to enter the bus surveillance video showing the teens punching and kicking the victim 50 times, breaking the victim’s arm as evidence to illustrate that the juvenile justice department’s proposed punishments of probation don’t match the severity of the crime.

The father of one of the teens said “This is life. I am sorry what happened to the victim. It’s just the way it is. My son ain’t never been no bad person, he just got mixed up with bad people, that’s all … he’s sorry”

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  • So, Please tell me how this is not a HATE crime. Only because if it was 3 White boys kicking the crap out of a Black boy. The whole world would know about it and people would be picketing at the court house. Oh, and lets not forget Al Sharpton !!!!!

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