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David Haqq Gets 59 Years to Life for Sexual Assault in Oakland 15 Years Ago

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An unrepentant man with a long history of attacking women was sentenced today to 59 years to life in state prison for a brutal sexual assault on two Oakland High School girls 15 years ago. Shortly before he was sentenced by Alameda County Superior Court Judge Allan Hymer, David Haqq, 33, said he has never raped anyone and “I should not even be prosecuted.” When Hymer said DNA evidence connected him to the sexual assault in September 1998, Haqq said, “DNA evidence doesn’t mean I raped anyone.”

However, Hymer said the evidence also indicated that one of the victims had damage to her vaginal area that was consistent with her being raped. Haqq was convicted on May 23 of two counts of rape in concert with kidnapping for one victim and one count of kidnapping for rape for the other victim.

Both victims were only 15 years old when they were abducted while returning to the high school’s campus at the end of their lunch break. Prosecutors said Haqq and at least two other men kidnapped the girls and raped them multiple times. The girls eventually managed to escape but neither was able to describe their assailants. The case remained unsolved for many years but eventually Haqq was connected to the assault after he was sent to state prison in 2005 for his conviction in an attack on another woman and his DNA profile was entered into a criminal database.

A match then was made to the DNA profile taken from the girls who were victimized in the 1998 attack. One of the victims has moved out of California and has refused to cooperate with investigators but the other victim testified against Haqq. Prosecutor Glenn Kim said DNA evidence also ties two other men to the 1998 attack but they haven’t been charged so far. Kim said one of the other suspects has an identical twin brother and prosecutors can’t file charges because their DNA is exactly the same and prosecutors can’t tell which brother was involved.

Kim said prosecutors are considering filing charges against the third suspect but it could be difficult to pursue a case against him without the cooperation of the victim who has moved out of the state. The victim who testified against Haqq said in a letter to the court that she’s gone through a lot of pain and turmoil as a result of the sexual assault but she’s now trying to forgive the perpetrators, Kim said.

The woman said in court today that the incident “has ruined my life.” Kim said Haqq has been arrested for at least eight other offenses and among his previous convictions are assault and corporal injury on a spouse. The prosecutor said Haqq’s “conduct and convictions have demonstrated a constant threat to society” and that he “clearly has a proclivity to violence.” Kim said, “He’s one criminal I’m glad to see go away to prison for life.”

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