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Ogden Police Officer Jared Francom Killed, 5 Officers Wounded Caught on Camera


Ogden, Utah police have released police car dash camera videos from a shootout with Matthew David Stewart. Officer Jared Francom was killed and 5 other officers were wounded. WARNING VIDEO IS GRAPHIC AND NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN

Watch Video Below

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  • Proud American well put unfortunately in order to take the piece of sheet off the streets society paid a heavy price with the loss of David Stewart. It’s amazing how these cops will storm people’s homes unannounced “accidentally” kill unarmed civilians & it is chalked up to the cost of doing business. But when one of these civilians opens fire on plain clothes unannounced armed intruders to defend themselves or their family they are charged with murder. The following day flags are at half mast & all the baton suckers walk around with blue ribbons on. I personally love when the blue ribbons get passed I always piss on them. My only complaint is I wish they were bigger so I can wipe my ass with them.

  • Seriously, how can any of you in LE continue supporting kicking in the doors of someone who has some goddamned pot plants?
    A dead cop, now a dead man who was defending his home from unknown intruders.
    Get with your chiefs, speak out & stop this insanity!

  • Good to see another violent criminal gangmember off the streets for good. I’m talking about this career criminal “Jared Francom” of course.

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