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Montague County Sheriff’s Deputy James Boyd Shot on Traffic Stop Caught on Camera-WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO


In a matter of seconds, a traffic stop two months ago by a Montague County Sheriff’s Deputy takes a horrific turn. Today, the Montague County Sheriff’s Office has released the dashcam video of that shooting.

This video is graphic, so we do want to make sure you are aware you’re about to see a deputy being shot.

The video was taken by 27-year old Deputy James Boyd’s dashcamera on March 21.

It shows Deputy Boyd pulling over a black Cadillac with Colorado license plates on Highway 287 in Bowie at Highway 59.

As the deputy bends down to speak with the driver through the passenger side window he is suddenly shot by convicted felon Evan Ebel. It is believed three shots were fired.

Two bullets strike his bullet proof vest. The third grazes his forehead. The video shows Boyd on the ground as several cars pass by until one vehicle pulls over which was driven by an off duty Johnson County Sheriff’s Detective. WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO OF DEPUTY BEING SHOT

Watch Video Below

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