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Jeffrey Demond Williams Executed for the Murder of Houston Police Officer Troy Blando


Jeffrey Demond Williams was executed 14 years after murdered of Houston Police Officer Troy Blando. Officer Blando was trying to handcuff Williams after arresting him for driving a stolen car.

Williams then shot and killed Officer Blando and then fled the scene. He was arrested a short distance away still wear the handcuffs on one wrist.

Williams is the 6th execution this year in Texas.

Houston Police OfficerTroy Blando

Houston Police OfficerTroy Blando

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  • I got to hand it to Texas at least one state in the u.s. does the right thing if more people who murder others get their due justice crime would come down and we would be living in a safer country.remember eye for an eye? When Gods rules are followed society in general lives in peace.we need more non lienient judges.

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