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Saan Pao Saeteurn Identified as Man Killed By Police at Suisun Boat Launch

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A man shot and killed by police in Suisun City on Thursday afternoon has been identified as 32-year-old Saan Pao Saeteurn, Fairfield police said. Saeteurn was sitting at a metal picnic table at a boat launch near Kellogg and Walnut streets with what looked like a rifle when police arrived on reports of a gun at 4:50 p.m., police said.

Police from Fairfield and Suisun City attempted to negotiate with Saeteurn to get him to leave the gun, but he threatened the officers and said that he was suicidal, according to Fairfield police. The standoff lasted for over 14 minutes, when Saeteurn threatened the officers and was fatally shot. The gun he was carrying turned out to be a pellet gun made to look like a rifle. Police said witnesses concurred that it was indistinguishable from a real gun without handling it. Saeteurn had a long criminal history including arrests for theft, battery, possession of stolen property, narcotics, resisting arrest and false impersonation, police said.

At the time of the shooting he was on probation for arson. He has been volatile and combative with officers in recent encounters with police, and has a history of substance abuse, according to police. Prior to the shooting, he had been using methamphetamine and alcohol, and police said that he had recently told friends he was suicidal. Saeteurn had addresses in both Fairfield and Suisun City. Six officers have been placed on administrative leave while the shooting is investigated, according to Fairfield police.

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  • Dear family n friends. I would to thank everyone who came out sunday night to show support for san pao. I regret not sayin anything that day but at the same time I didn’t have anything papare to say. But I’ve known san pao my whole life n a lot of ya have too. We all see him from time to time. Life was unfair to him but we know he wasn’t suicidal but as the days unfold more news are bought to light as of what happened but from all the articles I have readed online. I see a lot of lies. These cops took a life, a life of someone dear to us n in their defense of tryin to save their ass their sayin he was suicidal but he was anything far from that. The amount of force that they used was unnecessary. They had other means of taking the situation under control. They could’ve use rubber bellets, bean bag or anything else that didn’t evolve take his life. We as a mien community need to speak up n let our voices be heard. So I ask each n everyone of you took a moment go online to some of these articles n write a post of whatever comes to your mind. I believe as time goes on the truth will come out. N to the law enforcement of Fairfield n suisun police department stop your lies save your department the embarrassment. The truth will come out.

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