1 MIT Bomber Killed, One Police Officer Killed, 2nd MIT Bomber at Large-See Suspect Photos Here

ID #13-144

One Boston Marathon Bomber has been killed and an MIT Police Officer killed in a shootout. A 2nd Marathon Bomber suspect still at large as Boston shuts down the city and police conduct massive manhunt. Police are asking the entire city to lockdown and shelter in place. Outstanding suspect identified as Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev 19 years old.

All residents are asked to stay home, businesses to stay closed, all schools and colleges and universities closed, all public transportation to shut down.

See Suspect Photos Here

MIT suspect #1

MIT Suspect #2

Please call 911 if you see this suspect.

Por favor llame la línea 911 si usted tiene alguna información que pueda ayudar a resolver este crimen.

1 YB and waiver

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