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* Karen Klein School Bus Monitor Bullied by Students Caught on Tape-Watch Video Here

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Karen Klein An elderly woman acting as a school bus monitor at the Greece School District in New York is bullied by students. WARNING GRAPHIC AND DISTURBING
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Bullying affects ALL age groups and genders and it needs to stop, right now. Please *SHARE* this video and watch all the great video responses that people have created.

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Watch as an old lady (school bus monitor) is verbally bullied by school kids resulting in her crying in despair. The bullying includes physical threats, threats to ransack her place of residence, and cruel comments about her weight and dead mother.

Karen Huff Klein is a bus monitor at the Greece Central School District in Rochester, NY. There is no excuse for the horrendous bullying Klein endures in this video by a group of teens, which drives her to tears.

Among the taunts: “Dumb-ass, fat-ass.” “Maybe she is an elephant.” “She’s gonna pick out which kid she’s gonna rape next.” “Karen wants herpes.” “F**king hearing aid.” “I’ll egg your house.” “What’s your address so I can p*ss all over your door.” “I’ll f**king take a cr*p in your mouth.” “You touched her arm flap. It’s all stinky and smelly.” “She probably eats deodorant because she can’t afford real food.” “What size bra are you? Triple sag?”

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  • I heard the lady on a radio talk show say this was not the first time these kids did this. She said she did not reported it because she knew the school authorities would not do anything to the kids. She does not want to see or hear from them or their parents. I don’t blame her one bit.

  • OMG THIS JUST BREAKS MY HEART..4 THE RECORD THEY ARE NOT GANG MEMBERS,,THERE SPOILED NO CLASS ,NO RESPECT,,TO ADULTS..ESPECIALLY AN OLD LADY,,NO MORALS..AN ALL THAT ,COMES DOWN TO THE PARENTS,,THEY RAISED SOME VERY VERY UGLY KIDS..NOW IM ASKING,THIS ,DIDNT THE DRIVER HEAr ALL THIS TALK??of the driver an safty of every1 in that bus his right was to pull that bus over an by all means have a police officer waiting there already.wht if this had esculated??come on ,,i hope legal action was done to these the driver ,,i dont care if this woman is off duty,,that driver should have stopped it as soon as it began 10 mins,,jesus christ,,an make sure the legal actions make the parents ,kust has make it a strong point ,that justice be served,,an they are responsible for evry action, there disfuntional up bringing there children,
    by there talk there parents are educated,,an work,,an spoil them,an with no whats so ever structure,,it all starts from the home..plz get back at me with my question s ty god bless

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