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* Parents Allegedly Encourage Girls to Fight at Frenship High School Caught on Camera

Two freshmen girls from Frenship High School in Lubbock, Texas allegedly had a disagreement that turned into pushing, shoving and brutal hitting. The Parents allegedly encourage the brutal fight. WARNING GRAPHIC VIOLENCE. NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN.

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  • you shoudn’t let you kids get this outrageous this is so sad i would never let my child do this.

  • If only people really knew how the girl that got beat up really is, they wouldn’t feel soo bad for her!!! Just a couple of months ago she fought a young girl and did the dame thing to her!!!!!!! She looked like she got into a car accident!!! The girl that got beat up deserves the beating!!!! the parents didn’t want to do anything then so why now????? oh because it’s their daughter on the other end???? funny!!! they all get what they deserve!!! why press charges when they acted like their daughter was a saint when she beat up the young girl a couple of months ago?? They didn’t believe the other parents of the young girl and slammed the door on their face!!! What does that say about them now??? Don’t feel sorry for them they are ugly people and thats why the daughter got treated like a rag doll!!!!

    I’m going to encourage the young girl that Karina beat up a couple of months ago, contact the parents of the girl that beat up Karina in this video and be on their side to testify that Karina is a violent and vicious teenager and is a bully to many of the Frenship Students, whom is encouraged by her older sister that is a senior at Frenship High School. This family deserves no sympathy for what happened to their daughter!!! Thank You!!

  • This is so disturbing that parents would stand around and encourage this type of behavior. If I was the girl’s parent I would bring charges against the other that assaulted her as well as the parents for pushing my child and for encouraging the assault. SHAME ON THEM!!!

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