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* Shershallan Bond Brooks, Suspect Who Allegedly Escaped After Police Officer Was Tackled Caught on Camera

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Shershallan Bond Brooks has been arrested for allegedly escaping arrest, assault and disorderly conduct after a New Year’s Eve incident that was caught on camera. The video was posted on the internet and went viral. The video depicts two Baltimore police officers trying to arrest an allegedly resisting suspect when another man breaks from the crowd and allegedly tackles one of the officers knocking him to the ground. Brooks then allegedly escapes while the officers struggle and eventually arrest the second suspect.

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Manuel Imel

Shershallan Bond Brooks

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  • Thanks Nehmo for telling the truth first time seeing this after the situation and you told the closest to the truth 98.9% ;11/19/2015 4:24am but people are not always who you think they are….? Hi! Krissy I know you hurt but Don’t act in your words…. You know me enough for the short time you got to know me? Remember I’m not your ex-husband I need not be that [email protected]#%¿§©®¢…. You already? Love you and the children Cousin Shallan

  • Just came across this response. Unfortunately the girls saw the video before I did, and they are not stupid…they know he is an idiot. And yes, I knew he was an idiot ehen I married him. It was only a just out of college rebel move to piss my father off. Kids dont have to maintain a good image of their parents if they dont deserve it. And your statement about loyalty is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Im not going to jail for anyone and Im not going to teach my kids thats how loyal they need to be. That was not loyalty. That was stupidity. You are just as , much of an idiot as Mannie. Must be related. I definitely will not be coming back to this lunatic site again.

  • @Kristina, What you are saying, Kristina, is that you are not on good terms with your ex-husband. That’s the case with a lot of people, but it’s not the best situation. Manuel was somebody you married. You didn’t think he was an idiot then, did you? And now you have kid(s). For the sake of your kid(s), you need to bury the hatchet. It’s better if a kid grows up with a good image of his or her father.
    And from the vid, he seems like a loyal friend. He put himself at serious risk to help a friend being attacked. He knew he was going to get a beating. It took courage.

  • Both those guys are idiots. I know because I was married to Manuel for 5 years. He owes $40,000 in child support and is on pills.

  • The second suspect, Manuel, is actually the first. Manuel was harassed by the police first, and then Shershallan Bond-Brooks tried to intervene. While the police were arresting Shershallan, the intervener, then Manuel jumped back in to help the guy who just helped him.
    By the way, when judging at a photo or a vid, always look for the cropping or cutting. What happened just before the vid starts? Nothing? Then why did Manuel jump in? And why did Shershallan run for a simple disturbing the peace bust?
    The police were being excessively rough on Shershallan. That’s what happened.
    `~- Nehmo

    `~- Nehmo

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