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* Louie Sanchez, Marvin Norwood, and Doreen Sanchez were Arrested in Connection with the Beating of Bryan Stow-Watch Video Here

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Police in Los Angeles confirmed this afternoon that three new suspects have been arrested in connection with the March beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow and that the man originally suspected has been exonerated. Louie Sanchez, 29, Marvin Norwood, 30, and Doreen Sanchez, 31, were arrested as a result of the ongoing investigation in which detectives have examined more than 850 clues and interviewed some 600 people, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said to cameras this afternoon.

“We have tirelessly pursued the truth wherever it led us,” he said. Just minutes before the news conference, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office brought charges against the two men, Beck said. The district attorney’s office confirmed that Norwood and Louie Sanchez, who both live in San Bernadino County, were charged with one count each of mayhem and assault in the March 31 attack outside of Los Angeles’ Dodgers Stadium.

Today’s announcement represented a major change in the case, as police had originally believed Giovanni Ramirez, 31, of Los Angeles, was a prime suspect in the case. “Giovanni Ramirez is no longer a suspect in this case,” Beck said. Ramirez was arrested on May 22 on suspicion of violating parole after police found a gun in a laundry hamper at his home.    “In policing, it is just as important to exonerate the innocent as it is to implicate the guilty,” Beck said.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa echoed Beck’s statement of the department’s commitment to the Stow case. “The best of the best at the LAPD have been tasked in working on this case,” Villaraigosa said at the news conference. “The Los Angeles Police Department never gave up on this case,” District Attorney Steve Cooley said in a prepared statement released today.

Louie Sanchez was also charged with two misdemeanor counts of battery stemming from a separate incident on March 31, according to the district attorney’s office. The two men are expected to appear for arraignment Monday in Department 30 at Los Angeles Superior Court. They were arrested Thursday at their Rialto homes by Los Angeles police and are being held on $500,000 bail each.

If convicted, Louie Sanchez faces a possible maximum state prison term of nine years and Norwood faces a maximum of eight years. Doreen Sanchez was not charged. Police were not releasing any more information today in the ongoing investigation, although further details could be released early next week, Beck said. “Our goal is to find justice for Bryan Stow,” he said. While the police have been working for months to find those responsible, Stow, 42, has been fighting to recover.

For months, he remained in a medically induced coma after the attack and remained in critical condition until last month, when doctors upgraded Stow’s condition to serious. But it was only this morning that his family announced that Stow was “very alert” and responsive. “The nurse practitioner told us he had both eyes open, (and) his right hand was either trying to give a thumbs up or hold up two fingers,” his family wrote on a website it created to provide update’s on the Santa Clara county paramedic’s recovery.

Stow, a father of two, was apparently opening and closing his eyes on command and was able to mouth “Stow” when he was asked to give his last name, according to his family, who said it remains cautiously optimistic of his progress. Stow has been receiving treatment at San Francisco General Hospital since transferring from a Los Angeles hospital in May.
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  • of course its a freakin mexican, get these troublemaking illegals out of our country. i want my america back. tired of sharing it. how bout making one state an all white state so i can go live amongst my own. tired of being forced to live along side these foreign people that just suck our country dry.

  • Isabel: I wish you could just shut you big yapper!!!
    These guys put a person in a coma, close to death. Put yourself or somebody of your family in this place.
    What the hell are you thinking?
    I believe that at least, these two delincuents be put away for 10 years in a state penitentiary.
    I’m just waiting for my jury dutty call and I’ll do my job here.

  • These monsters deserve the absolute maximum that the court can give them. No mercy. They had none for Mr. Stow, who was a valuble part of his community as a paramedic. What were they doing with their sorry lives? Not much. I am so disgusted by this situation that I wish that the California legislature would step in and pass a law to extend the time that these two thugs can get. They deserve life in prison. Mr. Stow will never be whole again. He will spend the rest of his life dealing with the consequences of their barbarous behavior.

  • These crimes should be charged to the fullest extent that the law provides. Nine years is hardly enough time to rectify the damage that has been done. Why??? Stow did nothing to them, they should have been locked up along time ago. And as far as the facts go well i really like that these avid Dodgers fan face the life sentence they deserve for aggravated mayhem and grave bodily injury for these no business being born mf….. and for the ho that was the driver well well VSP or Chowcilla has a special plass for you and yes I hope they send their sorry behinds to San Quintin and of course the B will go to VSP to do her time and then we will see what the northern folks have for your behinds…Was all that you did really necessary??? what did you prove that you are animals and should be treated as such…and for you Isabel find some ne friends cause these folks cant befriend anyone animals like these need to be locked up for life….I am sure there are many good people in Fontana and Rialto that would never do what you animals did rot in hell.

  • Isabel,
    First off the facts are witnesses place these chavalas (lil bitches) at the seen, also arguing with Stow. Past records of violence doesn’t help thier cause. The truth will come out and when it does if these two are guilty I hope they get long sentence in a prison up north so that that Norteno gangs can take care of the two! You need to find new friends maybe your kids would have a better bond & respect for you…

  • Hey Isabel, friends like this will eventually turn on you, your kids, your family, so shut the eff up and realize or friends with pond scum that over a sporting event will gladly put someone into a coma.

    You are an effing idiot

  • If they get off, which I hope they don’t, Dexter Morgan’s kindred spirit should pay them a visit. I wouldn’t shed a tear if Doreen joined in on the fun. How bout them apples, Izzy?

  • What are the facts as you state them, Isabel?? That simply… because they happen to be YOUR friends, these people should be let go?? Pleassse! Let’s be honest here, you are really stating all of this publicly so that you’ll score points with them… aren’t you! Well, in my book, these dirt bags should have gotten a far stiffer sentence. And just to let you know, I too am a Latino-and a proud one at that. So don’t let my criticism of your poor judgement come off as some bull shit racist comment. The one big difference between me and you though… is that I don’t associate myself with losers.

  • I really hate people like this lets here the facts. i know Dorene she is one of the sweetest nicest people i know she is the best mother i only wish that i have a bond with my kids like her you guys talk about her her brother her fiance. so quick to judge they are all nice people. i pray that they are all let go look at the other guy arrested he did not have anything to do with this. no one knows what happen what happen bryan is no saint i have seeen video. no one knows anything all i can say is they are really good people the sanchez family

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