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* Elderly Fraud scam, Target retail store, 450 N. Capitol Avenue, San Jose

ID #10-291

The victim was approached by Suspect #1 while inside the Target store and offered to sell her a bar of gold for $12,000.00.  Suspect #1 told the victim his son had sustained serious injury after recently being struck by an automobile.  Suspect #1 explained to the victim that the vehicle had dropped a bag containing two gold bars while fleeing the scene of the collision.

Suspect #1 showed the victim what appeared to be a bar of gold, and said his son was currently hospitalized and he wished to sell the bar of gold in order to obtain money to pay for his son’s medical costs.

Suspect #2 approached Suspect #1 and the victim and offered to purchase one of the gold bars.  Suspect #2 gave Suspect #1 his wallet and/or ID to show good faith while offering to take the gold bar to a nearby jeweler for appraisal.

Suspect #2 returned after a few moments, saying the gold bar had been appraised at $25,000.00.  Both suspects convinced the victim she should purchase the gold bar for $12,000.00 in order to make a quick profit.

Both suspects accompanied the victim to two separate banks, where she withdrew $12,000.00 cash to purchase the gold bar.  Suspect #1 accepted the money from the victim in exchange for the gold bar.  The victim later determined the apparent gold bar to be fake.

Preliminary investigation reveals this type of fraudulent activity has occurred in various cities throughout California and other parts of the nation.

Similar scams reported to police include individuals claiming to be foreign nationals approaching victims at or near banks or retail stores, requesting the victims give them large sums of money in order to assist the suspects in cashing winning lottery tickets or inheritances.  The suspects then take the money and leave the scene without returning.

Suspects often prey on victims who are elderly or Spanish-speaking, appealing to sympathy or a desire to make a quick profit.Please call the Fugitive Watch hot line at 1-800-9-CAUGHT (1-800-922-8448) or text us at 408-355-0999 or CLICK HERE to send a confidential email tip, if you have any information that can help solve this crime.

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