* San Jose Police and Fire are Asking for a Vote of “NO” on measure “V”


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  • Mayor Reed rejected the Firefighters offer for a 2-tiered retirement because he was being vindictive and wanted to show everyone “who’s the boss”. He also did it to divide and conquer the Police & Fire relationship. It an old trick City Managers and administrators use to keep major forces from joining ranks on negotiations. He clearly wants to build his fiefdom by eliminating 3rd party neutral analysis known as “binding arbitration”. Peirluigi Oliverio is also on the same witch hunt to build his young political career (and ego). Both should be recalled.
    I support No on V and my public safety members.

  • I found this on a Vote No facebook If true WTF.

    “Did you know that San Jose Firefighters did offer a two tiered retirement plan for future hires in order to prevent staffing cuts and fire truck closures? Mayor Reed rejected the offer and instead spent your tax dollars to put Measure W on the ballot which does exactly what San Jose Firefighters offered in the first place.”

  • Timmy I assure you Fugitive Watch is not stopping people from posting here. As long as there is no name calling ETC… everyone is welcome to post. But do understand there is no really good honest argument against NO on V. The people pushing it though are clearly not honest. They don’t want you to know the truth or they would not have put it on the November ballot in such a slimy way, without letting voters have the time to educate themselves.

  • Any good reasons out there to vote yes on this? everything I read so far that makes sense is a NO vote. Can someone post a good reason to vote Yes? Thanks

    NO on wasteful spending

    No on more wasteful spending cuts

    To: San Jose Voters
    From: San Jose Police Officers and Firefighters

    Subject: Our City and Our Safety–Vote No on Measure V

    Join your San Jose Police Officers and Firefighters in Voting No on Measure V. Politicians in San Jose will not control their wasteful spending and want to cut vital public safety services as a result. The politicians found money for their glitzy new City Hall, $25 million for the luxury hotel called the Hayes Mansion, a $6 million dollar handout to a former Mayor turned Lobbyist for his development project and they even wasted your tax dollars on a new fleet of Toyota Prius cars.

    Yet these same politicians cut the Gang-Violent Crimes Enforcement Team (VCET). A specialized unit that keeps tabs on the over 9,000 identified gang members in San Jose. VCET made over 1,000 arrests last year and the unit now no longer exists. The politicians have the wrong priorities.

    Measure V will allow these politicians to cut more from public safety to fund their pet projects. Just this year the politicians cut 90 police officer positions, 80 firefighter positions, closed 5 fire engine companies, cut paramedics and the Gang-Violent Crimes Enforcement Team. San Jose needs safe streets, our children need safe schools, and our community should not be in danger because the politicians want to hand their campaign contributors taxpayer money instead of spending that money wisely to keep us safe.

    Many of you over the years have needed a police officer or a firefighter to help in an emergency and now we need you. Please Vote No on Measure V and send the politicians a message: No on wasteful spending. No on more public safety cuts. No on Measure V!

    Thank you,
    Your San Jose Firefighters and San Jose Police Officers

  • Thomas good timing on the above information. I was watching news this morning and i saw the fire department saying that there was a bad fire in San Jose. They stated that the fire engine that was suppose to respond had been cut. Glad that was not my house or friends and family house. I agree with one of the comments above. NUMBER one job of government is public safety. With out that we will become a third world country. I think the City of San Jose has done enough damage already. I dont think we should give them the power to do more. That wold be a No vote for me on V.

  • I found this very interesting.

    Argument Against Measure V

    Firefighters and Police Officers oppose Measure V! Spending by city politicians is wildly
    out of control and has led to the layoff of 49 firefighters, the closure of five fire engine
    companies and the elimination of 80 police officer positions. Emergency response times
    are getting slower and will only get worse. Measure V puts our safety in jeopardy.

    Please vote NO on Measure V, it is not what it seems. City Council Members voted to
    exclude the full text of the measure in this pamphlet. Why? Look at the fine print and
    you’ll see it makes it easier to layoff firefighters, police officers and close neighborhood
    fire stations. Measure V could cause San Jose to fall below National Fire Protection
    Association recommended minimum staffing levels for fire companies, leaving staffing
    decisions to bureaucrats.

    While closing fire companies and cutting neighborhood police patrols, city politicians
    continue to waste taxpayer dollars. They have spent millions for a fleet of city cars, tens
    of millions annually to pay the debt on their new City Hall, and millions more for pet
    projects, bonuses and consultants.

    The current system resolves disagreements between the city and firefighters/police
    officers using an independent arbitrator who makes decisions after weighing all the facts
    and data.

    Measure V is ill advised and was rushed on the ballot at the last minute. Even some of
    the supporters of the measure have admitted that the language is largely untried and is
    sure to invite lawsuits causing unintended costs.

    Our politicians spend money we don’t have. Now they want to make up for their
    overspending by balancing the budget at the expense of public safety. Let’s hold City
    Hall accountable, VOTE NO on Measure V.

    Thomas Wheatley, Assistant Chief of Police, Retired
    Juan Diaz, Fire Battalion Chief
    Jeffery Rickets, Retired San Jose Police Sergeant
    Richard Wardall, Fire Captain
    Jim Shore, Advisory Board Member, Crime Victims United

  • I’m watching the Giants play off game with the Braves, I get all this sports talk on here. If they took out the umps and the refs and let the coach make all the calls then this would not be a fair game. That also would not be fair to the fans on either side. I will vote NO on V

  • Mayor Reed my vote will be NO because your changes are are an attempt at the want for power. We dont need leaders like you. We dont want to be ruled by a king.

  • These are scary times and I am not happy that my job is gone, But my God do we want to give the City the ability to cripple our Police Department and fire department ? This is time when we need the best I want to feel secure. I have been told public safety people are leaving early to save their pensions and that scares me. Who will replace them I thought the number one job of Government was to protect us. If your gonna spend my tax money spend it on keeping me safe. City Of San Jose/Mayor Reed Greedy Greedy Greedy shame on you sir. Voters look at the basics here dont listen to the lies and things the Mayor is saying he is a politician a professional liar. He tells us what he thinks we want to hear. Your to old to move up the ladder so whats your dysfunction? I want to feel safe not have the option to have a baseball stadium that I cant afford to go to. how was he even able to get it this far ?

  • I get the whole power thing but I am not so sure that the City will have all the power. I wish someone could explain this better. This is the first I have been informed about this. I started seeing signs so I googled and ended up here. I think I will vote YES because I like Mayor Reed and i’m guessing he likes the citizens or he would not be our Mayor. Also all this sports talk I dont even watch sports.

  • Is that really true? not the drinking part, good for him not driving. Do they really use police Officers? Why?

  • Wow Wow This is very clear to me that this Mayor is power hungry. I totally agree with the sports reference. You don’t fire all the referees just because they don’t always make the call in your favor. There are bad calls but also sometimes they see things the fans and in this case the citizens don’t. I ABSOLUTELY agree I don’t want public service organizations ( Police or Fire ) to have that much power and certainly not the Mayor or the city as well. Who is looking out after our best interest ???? I say definite NO NO NO on measure V.

  • Hey Mark,
    I hear the Mayor likes his cocktails with lunch that’s why the tax payers are paying for his DD. I agree though that’s crazy what a waste of MONEY !!!!

  • I know how the city could save a few hundred thousand dollars. Re-assign the police officers assigned to drive him around. Let Mayor Reed drive himself around in his own car like the rest of the taxpayers.

  • That’s right very serious. Serious is confused and mixing apples and oranges. Measure V is not about saving the city money. It’s about grabbing all the power. You don’t fire the the referee (Arbitrator) because you don’t want to play by the rules. Chuck figures he can get the citizens to fire the referee by making the other team look like the bad guys. He wants to be both the opposing team and the referee.

  • Seriously?
    Check out this site http://www.stopsjwaste.com/
    Also this is not about saving money this is obviously about having power. It is my understanding that police and fire cant strike. When their organizations cant agree on something they bring in a 3rd party that makes the best decision for everyone including us the citizens. I agree no one organization should have enough power to stall negotiations. With power comes greed. also that is why there are judges and even referees in sports. That 3rd neutral party is necessary to keep an even playing field. No one should be in a position to get over on the other. It sounds to me Chuck wants all the power. History has shown over and over that is a recipe for disaster. The big picture needs to be looked at here. I for one want a well paid public safety employee not some low paid security guard or a bunch of people that want to be weekend firefighters. We have nothing to lose if we vote no on V it just means things will be kept in check. If you vote yes you are agreeing to have a king. Should he be crowned as one also.

  • This site is ridiculous. This proposition will actually save the city money. Can you explain in detail or at least provide us with a link that shows that voting NO on V will be beneficial for society? I found the Mercury News article and it has a way better explanation of proposition V than what you have on your post, including that police and firefighters are mistaken about their facts.

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