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* William Ubando arrested on suspicion of killing his girlfriend Ritchie Lei Lusung Campued of Vallejo

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UPDATE Click Here September 22, 2010 William Ubando of vallejo charged with killing girlfriend Ritchie Campued

Police in Vallejo are investigating the city’s 13th homicide of the year after a woman received a call from her estranged husband on Monday saying he had killed his girlfriend.Officers went to the home of Ritchie Lei Lusung Campued, 33, of Vallejo, on Paddlewheel Drive to conduct a welfare check at around 1:20 p.m., according to the Vallejo Police Department.

Police were looking for the woman after receiving a call that she might have been killed by her boyfriend William Ubando, 39, of Vallejo. Campued’s silver Toyota Tacoma was located in a parking lot near tennis courts at Glen Cove Park, police said, covered in what investigators believed was a large amount of blood. At around 5:25 p.m., a coworker of Ubando contacted police and said the suspect had shown up at his house and allegedly confessed to killing his girlfriend. Ubando also told his coworker the woman’s body was in his car. Officers went to the American Canyon home and arrested Ubando without incident.

A woman’s body believed to be Campued’s was found on the floorboard of the front passenger seat of the suspect’s car, police said. Ubando was booked into Solano County Jail for kidnapping and murder.

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  • @ angie shut up itz called freedom of speech you believe wt u want and ill believe wt i want u dnt pay my bills or anything plus if she wldnt have been wit him dat wldnt of happened 2 her everyone knew she wuz wit him obviously everyone doesnt put their dirt out there and i could care less wt u th?nk of me

  • Ive known william for a while and I would never had suspected him to such a thing.He was a caring person.I just hope that god has mercy for him.

  • Let our prayers go with ritchie,her family and william as well.Played hoops with william for quite some time,we go to teammates house after game,eat, drink some beer and tell stories.On those occasions,never seen him drink and smoke .He stays on the corner and not talk at all,just smiles occasionally.We scold him during games,and he never shot back.One thing though,He never opened up.This weight on him so much.I condemn what he did,he snapped and he’ll pay for it, nevertheless I don’t condemn him. A reminder to all of us to open up when something bothers,it helps a lot.

  • Ubando should pay for commiting such horrendous crime!! No one deserve to die on such horific death.. whatever the reason behind the story, he has no right to cut Ritchie’s life!!

  • Yes, Campued didn’t deserve to die brutally! But it is true that she had a hidden relationship with William, I can attest to that! They worked together and everyone at work knew what was going on! They were always together and even carpooled together. The couple tried to hide it but it was apparent at work, nobody at work just wants to admit it. They don’t want to get involved and that’s why they all refuse to be interviewed. Also, People in the Philippines who “supposedly” knew her obviously didn’t know her well enough! Of course she wasn’t going to admit to everyone that she was involved with someone when she had kids and a husband at home! It’s common sense to want to hide your dirty secrets from people, and that’s why her family here in America didnt even know what was going on! But I know! I do not condone what William did but it is true, he was a nice guy! I just think that something made him snap to make him do such a cruel crime! Obviously it was because he left his wife and 2 kids for this woman already! He had already ruined his life so knowing that campued wasn’t going to reciprocate it and be with him at the end, made him crazy! Moral of the story: nobody is perfect, people hide crazy secrets so you never know what’s really going on until you see it! Also, just don’t have an affair! Everything has some consequences to your actions ie something like this incident! Pray for everyone especially William and Campued’s family because obviously, they are the true victims at the end!
    PS: people who knew Campued, don’t be so ignorant! Open your eyes! C’mon now, if you really had a stalker, you’d tell people about it already or call the cops to stop all of it. Obviously, she couldn’t tell anybody because the guy was her lover. She let William in her car, if he really was a stalker, she wouldn’t have gone along so willingly! Also, I think what made William snap is the fact that Campued’s husband came to visit her in America. William didn’t see her for the whole time the other guy was here so yeah, he got crazy! Don’t u think it’s abusurd that she died right after her husband left America? It wasn’t a coincidence, her husband left on a sunday and apparently, she met up with William soon after that which was on a Monday, and maybe to really break up with him. Hence, the incident that occured because of it and She died on that 20th! Facts are there! Quit denying stuff!

  • for mr js,please don’t speak on behalf of somebody that u know perhaps u know him just couple of months/years should consider the opposite/the lady who u think she’s not qualify for u to look up you know,judging somebody by surface/the cover is so damn unafair and by that i’ll know what type of personality u are.

  • We all don’t have the right to judge. RItchie Lei might have made a mistake or committed a sin for her infidelity according to what leaked in the news, we never know if it is true or not. People let’s all look at ourselves first before you say something and judge other people! We all are sinners regardless of the level of our sin committed! small or big, still is a sin! So never judge! To William Ubando, you have to pay for what you did since you admitted you did kill her. You have no right to take other people’s life. You can always say she is your girlfriend, does she know she is your girlfriend too? Are you just fatally attracted to her and cannot accept the fact that she can never be yours?

  • hey justice you wanna bet how much i know william!!!i know i regret saying those bad things about richie but yes they were together,i know.i know that she must love her family a lot but shes torn the ubando family apart.william was divirced and was ritchie …no.That there is a messed up relationship.The suspect loves his children very much.Pls dont bag on them,im sorry for ritchies families sorrow but the suspect is goin through some deep shit,you dont even know

  • hey an0nymous.. I guess you really dont kn0w wat happened.. Your words adds up to the grief of the victim’s family.. Havent you read of wat one of william’s friends just said? He doesnt open up.. He keeps things to himself,. R u aware dat doing such cud lead to unacceptable thoughts nd behaviors? I kn0w the victim well, i agree with what others say, she is m0rally upright.. Dont y0u kn0w that the victim is n0t william’s gf on the first place and the people ar0und them can testify to that.. THEY ARE NOT TOGETHER AND THE VICTIM LOVES HER HUSBAND AND CHILDREN SO MUCH.. I am sure of this! Stop saying bad stuffs about Ritchie.. You dont kn0w her,. But we do.. And maybe you’ll say, we my n0t kn0w william, but kn0w wat, theres n0 nid 4 us to kn0w hm dt much,. R u aware of ‘res ipsa loquitur’? The thing speaks 4 itself.. Killing itself is immoral and you cant stop people like us fr0m hating him!

  • hey ppl saying that fake %ss $%it bout william…why dont you stay out!!!!
    he got a divorce with his wife and that other bitch just decided to cheat!!!im not sayin she deserves to die but c’mon what the hell!!!!!
    That guy left his family for that girl!!!the girl that was still with her husband and children!!!
    due to these comments,william seems like a great guy,something dramatic must have struck him.
    im not pourin dirt on anyones grave but damn ppl

  • I used to be with William back in ’95 we went out for 2yrs. He was a great guy i had a lot of good times with him. He was fun to be around with he especially loves long drive. But eventually we part after he got someone pregnant the woman he married and had kids with. And even though he did that to me i couldn’t hate him. I moved on with my life and accept it and later on… months flew by we remained good friends. I pray for the victim and her family this is very very sad my condolence goes out to them. And as for William i’m just speechless right now, i guess u can say i’m shock i can’t find the right words at this moment.

  • but watever d man should be punished for doing dis crime…its either they have a relation or none…he should be in jail 4 d rest of his life…..


  • actually angie she was in doesnt matter how she was they had been togheter and i knew william altough ii obviously dnt think it was right wt he did thre wus somwthing wrng with him like his friend said he was a very good man u have your side we have our side i feel bad for both families and especially your friend 4 wutever she had to suffer bt when was da last time u talked 2 her? obviously she had her own secrets just like him

  • i knew ritchei lei or che2 for short since she was a kid ‘ltil she got married.she was such a nice woman,helpful and god fearing and loves her husband and kids.So,i don’t think she will be involved with this guy.she is morally upright.Let’s be fair enough and dont’t speculate such damaging hearsays…

  • I’ve known William Ubando for 10 years now. He was a close friend of mine. He was a great guy. He never did anything bad. You can’t even get the guy to smoke, use illegal substance or even gamble. If he does gamble, he’d only spend $20 the most. He was a very disciplined fellow and a very good friend. We used to go to his house once a month and drink. Me and our friend CC provide the drinks, he would provide the pulutan(food)and after wards play basketball on the street till we sobber up and ready to go home because he wouldn’t let us drive drunk. When we decide to drink, he would drive us with his silver car(the car at the crime scene) to Cosco and buy the drinks. He had a passion for electronics, especially DJ equiptments. When our friend CC’s son had a birthday, he did the DJ for free. Also on his birthday, he turned his garage into a club. Everybody’s happy. The only thing though, he never open up. When it comes to family, he never tells us anything. He had a large cut on the side of his head. Rumor was somebody beat him in the head with something when he was a kid. He had half brothers but I guess they never come and visit him. We were like his brothers. I had to leave in January to immigrate to texas because I got laid off from my job in california. He’s the one who checked my car to make sure it’s in good condition and set up my navigator before my wife and I left. That’s the last time I saw him. I heard from my friend CC 2 months later that he was having an affair with a married woman and that he was getting a divorce. He wanted me to talk to william because he was ready to leave his wife and kids for this woman. I thought he had better sense than the two of us so I never called him because I was busy with my new job. CC told me he stopped hanging out and talking to him. I haven’t talk to CC for 4 months and then yesterday he texted of what happen to William and his girlfriend. I was in shock. I could not believed it. I went to my room and cried like a baby. I feel so bad for the girl and his family and william’s family. Everybody.I kept on thinkin that maybe If I was still there he would have listened to me. I would have beaten the crap out of him just to stop him. Oh! Brotha! What have thy done!

  • you should repent now man……… ritchie dont deserve to die like that……shes a good person, to young to die…

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