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* Charles Rittenhouse Arrested at House Where Bodies of Marcaria Smart and Segundia Allen Are Found

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  • I personally worked with and know Charlie Rittenhouse and cannot believe in a million years he is responsible for this! For one he physically is not strong enough. About the explosives he and many of us worked with explosives probably poor judgement to take them home but I know he didn’t do it maliciously he in fact is a chemist for the aerospace industry and is very good at his job. He is a intelligent man and I believe if he was to kill someone he would be alot smarter in the way he did it. I hope someone will report something positive about him ad he is a great man he has built millions of safety devices for a long range of commercial airlines military and NASA TO SAVE LIVES I don’t believe he would do this or if he has it in him that’s all I can say FREE CHARLIE

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