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* John Corry Jr. Arrested for Alleged Oakland Robbery Spree

Oakland (Ca) – On August 21, 2010, Oakland Police made a key arrest in a robbery spree that occurred in East Oakland. At 6:18 pm, a 44-year-old mother was with her 5-year-old daughter selling merchandise from a cart at 55th Avenue and MacArthur Boulevard.  The suspect drove up in an Oldsmobile and demanded money while pointing a rifle at the victim from inside his vehicle. The victim grabbed her daughter and fell to the ground screaming for help.   The suspect drove away without taking any money.

The suspect then drove to Seminary Avenue and Brann Street where he robbed a second street vendor of cash.  The second victim’s description of the suspect, his weapon and vehicle matched the description given by the first victim.

The suspect then drove to the 700 block of 50th Avenue where he confronted his third victim.  The suspect parked next to the victim’s vehicle.  The suspect then exited his vehicle and removed the rifle from the back seat. Fearing for his safety, the victim gave up his money and the suspect then fled the area.  The third victim provided responding officers with the same descriptions as the first and second victims.  The third victim also provided the license plate on the suspect vehicle.

Officer Daniel Higgins located the suspect vehicle in the 5800 block of Kingsleys Circle.  While additional units were responding to the scene the suspect returned to the suspect vehicle.  Units approached and the suspect fled on foot to a family member’s house.

The suspect was arrested and was identified as John Corry Jr., 24-years-old. Corry is on active parole.  A parole search was conducted and the rifle used in the robberies was not recovered.

Corry was transported to CID and interviewed.  Corry was charged today by the District Attorney for two counts of robbery and one count of attempted robbery.

Everyone involved in this incident is from Oakland.

The investigation of this incident is continuing. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Oakland Police Department Robbery Section at (510) 238-3326.

For more information, please contact the Media Relations Office at 510.238.7230 or [email protected]

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