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* Mark Candler is accused of shooting Jermel Holloway and allegedly the leader of a violent drug gang in Oakland

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UPDATE!!! Click here:Marc Candler who allegedly heads the Acorn gang is convicted of attepted murder

A prosecutor alleged Tuesday that a man on trial for attempted murder is the leader of a violent drug gang and fired a hail of bullets at a member of a rival gang four years ago because the rival had disrespected one of his close associates. Mark Candler, 35, is accused of shooting Jermel Holloway in June 2006 because he “wanted to make a statement that this is what happens when you disrespect someone from Acorn,” prosecutor John Brouhard said in his closing argument in Candler’s trial. Brouhard said Candler, who has a tattoo of an acorn on his arm, belonged to the Acorn gang, which Oakland police say is the city’s worst drug gang, and alleged that he used an assault rifle to fire multiple shots at Holloway, whom he said belonged to the rival Ghost Town gang. He said more than 40 shots were fired in what he said was “a crazy scene” at about 6:30 p.m. on June 30, 2006, near the intersection of 31st Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Way, which he said is in Ghost Town’s territory. Bullets entered homes in the area but no one was injured except for Holloway, who was shot in his legs and his rear end but survived. Brouhard said “there was a war between the two gangs” and alleged that Candler was upset at Holloway because Holloway had “disrespected” Wendell Stevenson, who was known as “Weezy.” But Candler’s attorney, James Giller, said “isn’t that foolish” to fire multiple shots in broad daylight in front of 40 to 60 people at a crowded intersection. Giller admitted that Candler, who is charged with attempted murder, shooting into an inhabited dwelling and being an ex-felon in possession of a gun, was at the scene but said he believes that Candler actually went there to try to settle the dispute between Holloway and Stevenson. Giller said Candler, who also faces an allegation that he’s a gang member, “didn’t go there to mow people down.” He said, “There’s nothing in his history to show this is the kind of action he would take and doesn’t fit his personality.” Giller admitted that Candler has been convicted of possession for sale of cocaine base and selling cocaine but said he hasn’t had any felony convictions since 1999. Giller suggested that Stevenson might have been the person who shot Holloway, saying “maybe Weezy had a motive.” However, that can’t be determined because Stevenson was shot and killed at a Fremont motel on Nov. 29, 2006, allegedly by two members of a third Oakland gang. He was 26 years old. And Holloway, who testified at Candler’s preliminary hearing in 2008, wasn’t available to testify at Candler’s trial because he was fatally shot on Nov. 29, 2009, in the 3000 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Way in Oakland, only a block away from where he was shot in the 2006 incident. Oakland police said Holloway, who was 28, was in the area to observe the third anniversary of the fatal shooting of a friend who had also lived in the area. Candler was one of 54 suspected members of the Acorn gang who were arrested on June 17, 2008, in a massive raid conducted by 400 officers from 17 law enforcement agencies. Police said 41 guns were confiscated in the raid. The raids were the culmination of a three-month effort called “Operation Nutcracker” in reference to the name of the gang, whose base of operations is the Acorn Housing complex in West Oakland, not far from the reputed area of the Ghost Town gang. Police extensively wiretapped Candler
and other suspects during the investigation. In announcing the arrests at a crowded news conference, Oakland police Lt. Ersie Joyner said the Acorn group is “the most violent gang we’ve seen in a long time.” Joyner said Candler was born and raised in East Oakland but at the age of 14 moved to the Acorn project and began to “flex his power.” Joyner said Candler was involved in dealing drugs and “got people to follow and idolize him and built a reputation.” California Attorney General Jerry Brown issued a news release hailing Candler’s arrest and said Candler “has been a prolific drug trafficker in Oakland and Detroit, been shot several times and is suspected to be responsible for homicides and a number of shootings.” Giller told jurors Tuesday that, “The Oakland Police Department put together a big wiretap operation to try to solve all the problems in Oakland and put everyone behind bars.” But Giller said that despite all the arrests that were made “they didn’t come up with any murder cases,” only the attempted murder case against Candler and various gun possession cases. Brouhard, who said four witnesses identified Candler as the man who shot  Holloway, asked jurors to convict Candler of all the charges against him but Giller said he should be acquitted of all charges because of a lack of solid evidence. Jurors will begin deliberating Candler’s fate this morning. In testimony on Thursday and Monday, Candler denied that he shot Holloway and said he thinks the case against him is weak. He said, “It’s crazy, it’s politics. With anyone else they would have dropped the case.” Candler said an Oakland police officer, whom he didn’t name, told him after he was arrested that, “We focused on Acorn” because Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums and his staff “wanted to do stuff for the citizens.” Candler admitted he was in the area of 31st Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Way when shots were fired but said he was only there to “campaign.”
Asked by Brouhard what he meant by campaigning, Candler said, “Like Obama or any president, hanging out with a crowd.” When Brouhard asked Candler what he meant when he said in a wiretapped call that he was “blessed” with power, Candler said he was
referring to “the love I got in Oakland.” Candler said, “A lot of people have love for me and I could do a lot with it.”

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  • I dont approve with how they have jermel’s name up there like that. Not understanding how four witnesses identified Candler as the man who shot Holloway when he wasnt who shot jermel even if it was someone in his circle of associates it wasnt him. I really dont appreciate his names all on here on the topic neither let him rest in peace because if he was here I dont think he would like it neither. In conclusion give the man who murdered oscar grant 40 years plus. This movement is all messed up the black man gets damn near what seems like life when this white man got 2 to 4 yrs… I dont understand

  • what about the man who killed ocsar he shoul be in there for life. hes a good man damn what a shame.. what did he reall do?

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