General Crime

* Children’s Hospital Nurse Held Hostage-Watch Newscast Here

On July 30, 2010, at approximately 3:15 am, a 49-year-old Oakland resident (later identified as Broadnax, Cottriel) attempted a carjacking in the 4700 Block of Martin Luther King Jr. Way. Broadnax jumped on the hood of the victim vehicle and ordered the victims out of the car. The victims were able to drive off before Broadnax could gain control of the vehicle. At approximately 3:20 am, Broadnax walked into the Emergency Department at Children’s Hospital holding a loaded .38 cal revolver. Broadnax grabbed a Children’s Hospital employee and placed the firearm to the employee’s stomach. Responding officers quickly contained Broadnax inside the Emergency Department. Officers P. Tran and M. Campos were able to convince Broadnax to surrender.

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