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* Oakland Police Chief Batts and Mayor Ron Dellums Appeal to Potential Rioters and Warn the Community to Take Precautions for Mehserle Verdict

Oakland Police Community Information Bulletin

The trial of former BART police officer Johannes Mehserle is underway in Los Angeles and moving
quickly; a verdict could be announced in late June.

Simple Steps to Help Keep Oakland Safe

We anticipate that regardless of the verdict reached by the jury, demonstrations could occur in
downtown Oakland, and potentially throughout the city. The City of Oakland is committed to facilitating
peaceful expressions and demonstrations. And we are prepared to deal with the situation if it turns
violent. Our goal is to protect public safety and property by minimizing the potential for vandalism and

Here are some simple steps you can take to help keep Oakland safe:

•  Stay tuned to your local TV and radio stations for information.
•  On the day the verdict is announced, park your car in a secure location, if possible.
•  Remove or secure large trash receptacles.
•  For crimes in progress and other emergencies, dial 911. If using a cell phone,  Dial (510) 777-3211.
•  Report any suspicious activity to OPD by calling the non-emergency number: (510) 777-3333.

Stay Informed

•  We will post regular information updates on our web site: www.oaklandnet.com.
•  To receive emergency alerts by email or wireless device, subscribe to our alert system. On the  lower left hand side of the City’s home page, look for “Email Updates” and select “emergency  alerts.”
•  Follow us on Twitter: oaklandpoliceca
•  If you don’t have a computer, call (510) 444-CITY for information and/or recorded updates.
•  To call in non-emergency tips regarding civil disobedience or protests dial (510) 777-8814 .

Message from Mayor Ron Dellums and Chief Batts on a United Oakland:

We are united as a city and a community, and we are dedicated to ensuring the safe expressions of emotions
during this difficult time.

We understand that the community is grieving, and we are in this together. We will get through this together.

There are many people ready to help begin the healing process and they have opened their doors to allow us
to express our grief in a healthy manner that will not endanger our safety, livelihood or reputation as a city.

We are asking for the community to come together, look out for one another, and stay safe.

We will not tolerate destruction or violence. We live here, and we love Oakland.

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