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* Oakland Police Officers Training for Riot After BART Shooting Verdict-Watch Video Newscast Here

Oakland police officers are training for crowd control in preparation for riots after BART Police Officer Johannes Mehserle is found not guilty of murder in the accidental shooting of Oscar Grant. Watch Video Newscast Below

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  • Ya we look for any reason to %^ck up some #$it that what we du u don wanna get &^%ked up leave our town da police can du $%^t for ya. we gonna ^&%k up thr $%&t two that what we do. thit town is ours. accident no accident we don care Oscar shulda not go down like that. he was a soldier for the cause. but that ok there more heads on this snake watch out oak pd ther more of us then yous. call in the army u gonna need them we got some &^cken sick a%^ fire power for ur sh&*. OOAAKK town mayor out.

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