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* Caught on Tape-Seattle Police Officer Ian Walsh Seen on Cell Phone Video Punching Resisting Teenager-Watch Video Here

Seattle Police Officer Ian Walsh was video taped by a bystander with cell phone as he struggles with a resisting female teenager.  During the struggle Officer Walsh is attacked by another female and is forced to punch her in self defense. Do you think his use of force was justified or excessive? Post your opinion in the comments section below.

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  • Justified, since the girl in pink actually assualted the officer twice prior to being punched.
    She asked for it in a way. He didn’t have time to take out pepper spray, position it, and use it effectively. He got her off of him quickly to protect himself from bodily injury.
    He could have beat the s**t out of her and slammed her on the ground and hurt her badly and still have been justified. I think he showed good restraint.

  • You can tell the Officer is trying to take the first girl into custody without force. She is openly resisting. When the girl in the pink intervenes, it became an officer safety issue!!! The girl in the pink then pushes the officer in an aggressive manner to free her friend, in the penal code this is called Lynching! She is basically trying to lynch her friend from being taken into custody by law enforcement. The girl “gets” that the officer means business after she is punched, balances the scale on the officer safety issue, and the effects the arrest without further incident. The question here is, would anyone have been punched if the 1st girl not resisted, and the second girl (pink shirt) not intervened. I don’t think so. Is the force justified? most definitely. Does it look pretty?? It never does!!

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