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* Tanya Thienngern A Watsonville Pajaro Valley High School teacher was arrested on suspicion of having sexual relationships with students

A Watsonville high school teacher was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of having sexual relationships with multiple students and giving alcohol to teenagers on and off campus, police said.Detectives obtained an arrest warrant for 37-year-old Tanya Thienngern, 37, on Tuesday following an investigation that began on May 10 into allegations that the Pajaro Valley High School teacher was involved in a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old male student. Further investigation indicated that Thienngern may have been having sexual contact with more than one student and providing alcohol to students both on and off campus, according to police.The Pajaro Valley Unified School District placed Thienngern on administrative leave once it was informed of the allegations. Thienngern, accompanied by her attorney, surrendered to police at 4:15 p.m. on Wednesday. She is being held in Santa Cruz County jail on $25,000 bail.

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  • If this is true, why the hell wouldn’t the kid just keep his mouth shut and enjoy what is being handed to him. Sex with a decent looking teacher and free booze. I would have rode that out until I graduated. Getting laid and getting an A, what else can you ask for. She could have sat in my lap all she wanted. No complaints would have come from me.

  • HAHA im glad.that slut deserved it..
    i always knew she was a little hoe.. one day my friend saw her sitting on a students lap..little suspicious don you think. i believe everything that she is being accused of and even more. she was always slutty with a few seniors in her classes. you can hide but not forever… her time is up!

  • She is not in jail or being held on bond because this article is not true. These are all false allegations. This will all come clean – it is just another raping the reputation of a hard working teacher and someone suing our all ready poor cali. educational system to try to get some free bucks. Sick.

  • Flight risk flight risk flight risk flight get her ass in jail 25000 bail what a joke if it were a guy some thing like 700000 I know she did it

  • There’s a sex video showing her and the student having sex it up in the web I’m sure wpd has there hands on it by know she is ducked and depress my ass she was my teacher for 4years the ditch knows how to act but ur slutniness won’t get you no were in a court of law her kid is a heavy pot smoker I’m guessing he might turn in to heroin addict know hahahah

  • I know Tanya very well, she has 2 AMAZING kids, and loves teaching. She would NEVER do anything like this! I am 100% sure that all of these allegations and false in their entirety. I would be more concerned about the fact that the justice system would allow some stupid teen-aged boy to ruin an innocent, well mannered, honest, lovable woman’s life! I do not understand how so many people can spend 5 minutes looking at a picture and feel that they have the right to judge something or someone base on the image being betrayed. Maybe she is severely depressed because this has happened to her, may be she has realized that even if this all goes away her life will in no way, shape or form, EVER be the same. I thought that in life that no one should ever judge a books by its cover. In deed that is what most people do. The integrity of humans nature is no better off than it was thousands of years ago when an eye for an eye was just. Go figure… We expect so much of ourselves and our families, but give nothing to people of whom we have no obligations to. I guess some people do not understand how words, written or spoken, can cause more damage to one life.

  • You are right, she is completely distraught (but not bipolar) over being falsely accused of something so horrifying. I know her as well as some of the students and know for a fact that she did NOT do what she is accused of!

  • You can see by her face that she is terribly depressed… probably bipolar…she needs medical help desperately, not incarceration. She’s lost her livelihood and reputation and will forever after have to register as a sex offender–in short, she’s been punished enough.

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