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* Michael Astorga Found Guilty of Killing Bernalillo County Deputy James McGrane, Jr.-Watch Newscast Here

Michael Astorga was found guilty Friday of killing Bernalillo, New Mexico County Deputy James McGrane. Deputy McGrane stopped Astorga in Tijeras for a tail light out when Astorga shot him in the face at close range. Deputy McGrane was not aware that Astorga was wanted for parole violation and the murder of Candido Martinez. Astorga was captured by Mexican police officers two weeks later in Ciudad Juarez. Watch Newscast Below

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  • Before the gov. abolished the death penalty, the law for committing the criminal offense of murder was the death sentence. I do believe that this young man should recieve the punishment that is due according to the Law at the time that the offense happened.

  • I am 100% in favor of the death penalty for anyone who kills a police officer like Astorga did. Executing those who slay police officers sends a strong and necessary message.

  • That ain’t right who ever said that about astorga mom is heartless and cruel if anything you belong next to that chair or worse of all in her shoes

  • Michael Astorga’s mother is disgusting. She is either the most stupid person in the world or a damn liar. Either way she is why her son is a scum bag, Her son is a parolee and wanted for another murder when he kills a cop in cold blood. She should fry in the electric chair next to her son.

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