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* St. Louis Police Officer Joseph Haman Gunned Down During Traffic Stop-Watch Newscast Here

St. Louis Police Officer Joseph Haman was gunned down during a morning traffic stop and remains in critical condition after surgery.  He was walking up to the car when he was shot six to eight times by a passenger in the rear seat. Suspect Arvon L. Brown was later arrested and charged with allegedly shooting Officer Haman. Detectives announced they will not release Brown’s mug photo until Friday.  According to St. Louis police officers, Officer Haman is 26 years old and has been on the force for about 2 years. He is the son of a retired St. Louis police officer and had been awarded a Purple Heart while serving as a Marine in the Iraq War. He returned from the war, attended college and then joined the St. Louis Police Department. Suspect Brown was tracked down by police and resisted arrest when officers tried to take him into custody. Officers had to use a taser on Brown and then took him to the hospital because he complained of pain.  The incident was recorded by a gas station camera system and the police car Dashcam. Police have not announced if they will release copies of the tapes.

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Officer Joe Hanan

Officer Joe Hanan

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