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* Wanted Fugitive as a Serial Battery Suspect in the area of Saratoga Creek Trail, between Bollinger and Doyle roads

ID #10-101

The San Police Department is currently investigating four reports of a suspicious male adult following female joggers along the Saratoga Creek Trail (pedestrian trail).  These incidents have occurred on the pedestrian trail area between Bollinger and Doyle roads, on the west side of Lawrence Expressway.

The first reported incident occurred in October 2009, with the most recent incident occurring today, 5/4/10.  The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a similar incident that occurred in the same area in February 2010, totaling five reported incidents.  The majority of the incidents occurred between 7:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m., with one occurring at 3:30 p.m.

In all cases, the victims encounter the suspect along the trail while jogging.  In one case, the suspect confronted the victim and wrapped his arms around her legs.

In three cases, the suspect was walking along the trail and waited for the victims to pass him as they jogged.  After passing him, the suspect jogs and follows the victims until catching up to them and grabbing them by the legs.

In another case, the suspect followed the victim on two previous occasions; however, the suspect did not physically assault her in either instance.  The victim did not report the two previous incidents until today, after being followed by the same suspect a third time.  The suspect did not physically assault the victim in today’s incident; however, the victim decided to call the police after feeling continuously harassed.

In one incident, the suspect briefly pulled the victim to the ground then fled on foot. The victim sustained minor injuries in that incident.  In all cases, the suspect immediately fled after the victims resisted and called out for help.

The San Jose Police Department is actively investigating these incidents in collaboration with the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office in an attempt to identify the suspect and any other potential victims.

Please call the Fugitive Watch hot line at 1-800-9-CAUGHT (1-800-922-8448) or text us at 408-355-0999 or CLICK HERE to send a confidential email tip, if you know the name of this man or have any information that can help solve this crime.

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