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* Gary Costa suspect wanted in murder of Sarah Morgan was shot and killed by police

ID #10-92
A suspect in a murder in Bay Point earlier this week was killed in an officer-involved shooting in Pittsburg this afternoon, officials said.Contra Costa County sheriff’s spokesman Jimmy Lee said deputies chased Gary Costa, 37, into Pittsburg where he was shot and killed in the area of Marsh Avenue and Frontage Road.A Contra Costa County Fire Protection District dispatcher confirmed that deputies had called for an ambulance at 4:20 p.m., but canceled the ambulance moments later.An arrest warrant was issued for Costa earlier this week after the mother of his child, 26-year-old Sarah Morgan, was found dead inside her apartment in the 600 block of Medanos Loop on Tuesday.

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  • Gary was my father, he raised me sense i was 3 years old and half of you people dont even know the whole REAL story. Its hilarious how you guys can say that what they did to my father was the right thing to do when there are several witnesses who say they saw him put his hands up and surrender. I knew Sara personally and the things that she did to my dad and accused him of doing are something a low life piece of skum would do.
    She used Michaela as an excuse for him to stay around.
    Even when my mother and him werent together he still kept his word and always came to see me and my sister.
    So for all of you people who say he was a horrible person and got what he deserved, Your completely wrong and you should really get to know a person or the story before you go judgeing.

  • GARY was a good dude!!! its easy for you punk bitches to talk about someone after there dead…if he was alive you wouldn’t say it to him.. i think your all cowards!!!!!REST IN PEACE GARY

  • I’m not saying neither the suspect or the officer is right, but this had to be done the right way! We live in the United States, what difference do we make in the world, if there is no trial?

  • Ive known Gary since I Was 10 years old.Gary was a “HOG”.HE was a “V-TOWN VET” and a savage.He brouhgt pride to our race,he was my Homeboy and brother.If you have anything bade to say about him you can also find a short path in life.To ‘G’ Ilove you bro,and to your family i give all my and respect ERIC BRANAN AKA ‘EVIL -E’ givin by Gary Costa

  • too bad gary wouldnt have gotten LIFE in prison so he could have been all those BIG DUDES bitch cuz thAts what he was a lil bitch!

  • Sounds like it should have been a FAMILY PLOT my brother! That was the Grandmother of Sarahs 3 year old baby saying that stuff!! What kind of grandmother would defend a scumbag like Gary? He killed a 3 year olds mother, and she justifies it by calling Sarah names? They should have given Gary Costas mother an abortion when she conceived a MONSTER like him (and also a lybotomy) I have been told that she along with her LATE career FELON were BOTH 5150. TOO BAD THEY WERENT CARPOOLING THAT FINE FRIDAY AFTERNOON

  • I’glad they shot him he was guilty as hell @ no leaves my brother and his fiance to raise a 3 year old while they are in there late 50’s good shot officer, now we can use the 2 million dollars for keeping him in prision for something worth while.

  • Thanks Lisa for your words. This was our son. The girl that he suppose to have killed. Wasnt all that great of a person. She was a hooker and a drug addict. I wish everyone would let it go and know that the cops that shot our son. shouldnt have been so excited to kill him….. What happen to not shooting to kill. If it was the cop that was in our home. HOW dare you!!!! I hope you cant sleep at night. You shot him because in your head he was guilty and you had a quota that you had to have. I have NO sympathy for you. YOU are a murderer yourself and you get to hide behind your badge. You say there was a knife and everyone else says he was giving himself up. and YOU killed our son

  • Soo its official..Coco sheriffs have a badge to kill and get away with it….AMAZING! PATHETIC!! I dont feel safe in a neighborhood where sheriffs patrol. I would never want to die by the hands of an officer they dont deserve to have that much power over you! They arent the prosecutor! They are the officers…leave the prosecuting up to the DA!!!!! How lucky these officers who just killed somebody gets a paid leave on the beach!! woow

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