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* Ricky Pringle fatal Oakland shooting on Coral Road

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A 21-year-old Oakland man was shot and killed in the city this afternoon, a police spokesman said.Officers responded to the 9400 block of Coral Road at about 4:35 p.m. on reports of a shooting and found Ricky Pringle suffering from gunshot sounds, police Officer Jeff Thomason said. Pringle was pronounced dead at the scene.Thomason said the motive for the shooting remains under investigation and anyone with information regarding the case is asked to call the Police Department’s homicide section at (510) 238-3821.

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  • OK its June 4th 2010 i just realized my cousin is really gone i cant believe this im finna be out of high school and he is not gone be able to see me walk across the stage i cant believe that my cousin Ricky pringle is gone i miss him so much like its still not real to me that he is gone i look at his picture everyday and just think bout all the good times we all had as kids and as we grew up and how everybody just got older and started to do are on thing and tat make me sad cause we all started the drift apart an didn’t get 2really hang out together i just wish i can rewind time and save my cousin and get the chance to speak 2 him one last time but i just had that on my heart to tell the world

    its time for me to get going class finna start but i love u RICKY WAYNE PRINGLE

  • rickey you are always forever on my mind i think about the good timesthe barbeques the parks and plain owe kicking it at the house doing what the family do and thats always have fun koolaid you were such a gorgeous looking kid with a great big heart and great big smile. i love you kookaid and i miss you see you at the crossroads………………

  • Rick bruh this shit is crazy bruh not a day go by where i dont miss u. we been rockin since we was like 3 yrs old bruh YO MOMMA STILL GOT A SON LEFT AND I TOLD HER THAT. Rick we was wild doin shows in E.P.A whn we had the girls chasin us back 2 tha expedition haha P.P.C. (Platinum Plus Clique). WE STILL OUT HERE ROCKIN 4 U RICK AND IT WONT STOP. LUV U RICK i gotta live for tha both of us u will 4eva live thru me.

  • damm bra! I neva thaught i would be writting you like this. bra i just want you to know i love you an i miss you an o yea u kno we still rockin for u. you my brotha from anotha and i never will forget you…….. And to them suckas dat took my brotha….revenge is promised!!!!!!

  • Wow umm Im not sure where to begin. Ricky is my big cousin, and I just miss him so much. For the past week my mind has been full of thoughts of him. But yet I had not come to shed a tear except the day I lost him, until tonight. I found myself living in denile, not able to except the fact you are really gone. Tonight I finally got that closure to see, that these word that people spoke were true. However, I am still hoping this is a nightmare and I will close my eyes tight, open them, and you will be here in my arms. I try to be strong, but I know it is okay to cry. And I’ll remember this isnt goodbye, but this is see you later. I love you, I wanna say Iam so sorry for not keeping touch with you as much as I should, I bet myself up over it. I try not to, but I guess not I dont try hard enough.. but once again in life I am too late. Everyone please let this show you to give your love ones there flowers while they are yet still living. Ricky Pringle you are always in our hearts for ever more. Keep watching over us… you are.. our guardian angel(:

  • Its been a week now …..I had JUst seen u Dat morning!!! I still cant believe you are no longer here:( You always did have dat huge smile in your face dat just made me smile rite back. You are gone but definately NOt FORGoTTEn! LOVE yA Ma’ Lil Folks.

    The world is quiet! The sun is not shining,for it knows you are no longer here. My memory demands to recall ur smile ur burst of laughter. I want 2call u,but I kno u will not answer.4 u R no longer here. But in my heart u will always live. I didnt say goodbye because it not! C u next life time my friend. U will b Missed, Remembered & Loved. REST IN PARADISE-LIL RICK.



  • I feel like it was just yesterday that we just had our moments of laughter,now your gone and were just left with memories of your smile.Never thought I would wake up to hearing bad news about a close friend. Antonio is literally sick without you,I cant even imagine how he is taking this loss. Ricky your gone but will never be forgotten. We love u and miss you every second that passes by. Rest in Peace Ricky Pringle

  • Mann! L.I.P Ricky! ricky i love yu sooo much..i will always and forever miss yu..yu are gone and most def not forgotten! i still don’t believe that yu are gone..mann! it hurt! yu didn’t do nothing to nobody! yu just mobb’d by urself..i can’t even stop crying..haha i’m never gon forget ur beautiful smile..i cud be mad at the world and when i see ur smile i have no choice but to be happy again..haha imma miss yu flat face..with lots and lots of love from ur bigg face! LoL.. STICKY WIT IT!

  • Ricky you will be missed so much. I remember you as a little dude across the street from my mother’s house you were always such a good person my family will miss you R.I.P LiL ricky

  • Ricky was my cousin, my friend and I love him. The last time I saw him, like everytime I saw him… He had a big bright smile on his face and a positive attitude. Kind, considerate, loving and respectful aren’t barely enough words to describe his character. I was proud of him and he will live forever in my heart.


  • Lil Ricky is my cousin’s son and will be forever missed in are tight family. I know the Lord will see us thru this. See you there some day Ricky,

  • r.i.p ricky ima miss u 4real bruh u didnt deserve it. im still in shock u really not here no more rick….immma miss u and seeing u jus with a big smile on ya face everytime i saw you.
    love u
    Nisha( u will never be forgotten)

  • OMgosh lil ricky this is killing me i n side that i will never see you again…it dont even seem real. like really what was that guy thinking to put a gun to you;; he is such cruel man.he shudda thought before he took action…mann i guess he never heard the word carma before but its lurking near by. Rest in Perfect peace lov you rick
    -love your cousin Ellante

  • OMG i cant believe this rick. i jus had seen you an talked to you sunday night. words cant explain my pain. we been close friends since the 6th grade. i ask god why you? i know im not suppos eto question gods work but it jus don’t seem real…rick you will always be in my prayers and in my you bra till my end..

  • Omg I really caint believe my cousin is gone it hurts my heart sooo bad! I can’t get it off my mind! I am so not okay . It hits me every second that your not here anymore Rick. Like they got names mixed up or sumthin dude . I love you soo much big cousin. As much as I can’t and don’t wana believe it , I have to. I can’t stop these tears from shedin for yu I love youu soo much and ima miss yuu like crazy! R.i.p Rick.. SunRise ; feb. 26 , 1989 SunSet ; April 12 , 2010 Gone but NEVER 4gotten. :'(

  • I’m still in total shock I had just saw Rick with a huge smile on his face sunday night. It was never a day I saw him without a smile. Basically seen him every other day this don’t even seem real. Still don’t understand why him he was real koo. He didn’t deserve this at all an who eva did trust and believe karma got u.
    **r.i.P Rick iMA neva 4 geT u **

  • Im hurting for you its like losing my own. My Baby is so hurt and cant get over that his lil brother is gone and there will never be anyone that cant take the place of him. They have been through Good and Bad they shared secert only they share among eachother

  • I live in the neighborhood where Ricky was killed. i was on my way home from picking my son up from school about an hour after it all happend. our neighborhood for the most part is really quiet and nice. I have been knowing Rickey since he was a little boy. he lived next door to my aunt. we lost touch for so many years until we were grown. my sons father and him were good friends. he was such a nice young man. and granted i am only 5 years older than him, he was always very respectful of me. such a sweetie. it breaks my heart to have to type these words. my prayers go out to his family and to all of our friends who are suffering through this hard time.R.I.P Ricky!

  • My prayers are with his family & true friends. May God keep you close & capture come quickly. This hurts. He & my son have been friends since Markham elementray & I was planning a dinner for their 5th grade graduating class because this year the all would have turned 21. So so sad.

  • damn ricky i cant believe you gone like that we was just hiting eachother on twitter we gone miss you lil bruh LOVE YOU CAT AND RIQUE.

  • Karen and Bruce….. Words can not express how deeply sorry we feel for your loss of your beautiful son Ricky…

  • it’s pointless and wrong. This was my nephew and it hurts to see the violence in our city. I pray that God allows this wrong doing to be rectified asap. R.I.P Ricky.

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