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* ARRESTED-San Jose Police Seeking Joseph Villasenor For Alleged Assault With A Deadly Weapon

ID #10-59

The San Jose Police Department is currently seeking Joseph Villasenor on a No Bail Allowed Felony Warrant charging him with Assault with a Deadly Weapon with Great Bodily Injury. According to Detective Dinh on January 30th 2010 at approximately 7:45 PM, the Victim and his girlfriend went to Suspect Villasenor’s home in order to pick up her son. While they were there, Suspect Villasenor and the Victim got into an argument. During the argument Villasenor allegedly stabbed the Victim three times and then fled from the area and has not been seen since. Villasenor is a THREE STRIKER and has other pending criminal cases for Robbery and Criminal threats. He is to be considered ARMED AND DANGEROUS.

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  • My brother is not a dangerous criminal. The mother is to blame for all of this. First yes my brother did run, but what police didnt say was that they chased him for 5 blocks then sent the dogs who bit him in the nuts. When they caught up with him they beat him till they busted his kneecap and was put in a wheel chair. EVERYBODY KNOWS Santa Clara County Police are known for abusing their power, corruption, and bruatality.

  • Ha ha now I know ur a lil kid tryna get in the mix ha ha why don’t you be a good lil kid and maybe just maybe your parents will buy you an ice cream

  • can u sez hella! oh no u dident christina dontcha be getten all cobra head on us hear u we be knowing he your babys daddy

  • Ha ha kick back trick if ur really talkin to my babys dad that’s fine but I can tell ur lying he don’t deny his kids for shit so if ur really supposedly talkin to my babys dad then u would know about me and his kids its almost been 5 n a half yrz and 2 kids later we aint going no where but u mite and I’m sure ur not the only one either he’s a whore he knws it I know it and all the tricks he talks to know it ha ha and for ur info my names tatted on his wrist ha ha like I said befor that’s fine with me cuz me n him aint together but best believe he’ll never choose no hoe over his daughter and son lmfao were ALWAYZ gona be around but who ever u are won’t becuz ur just a toy to play with till the next bitch comes around joes not a faithful person he lies all the time so goooood duckin luck ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • Hey Christina. I dont who the ____ you are are but im hella mad. Cuz I been seeing joe and he aint said nutin bout no Christina and kids. So shut up and quit lying!!!!!!

  • Tell your babys daddy to man up and the cops wont be going to your house and scary his kids. And besides that he looks guilty wearing wife beater shirts.

  • Ugh like its that easy just to turn ur self in and tell ur side huh today when the cops came to my house they drew their guns n shit in front of my two kids so u really think the cops are willing to hear his side of the story

  • All I know is that inocent people would not go on the run. Dude turn yourself in tell your story. You can run from the cops but not the internet.

  • All I know is my daughter the victim’s daughter almost lost her dad that night.. All I care about is that this thing ends so my daughter can have her daddy.. We all need to let the law do it’s job and hopefully the person who did this will go to jail. If you know anything please contact the police. Thank you

  • Fugitive Watch only posts information given to us by law enforcement. We do not attest to the truthfulness of the information. If you believe this information is not correct you should call the police and give them the correct information. You can also encourage Joseph to turn himself in so he can give his side of the story. The warrant for his arrest is not going to go away by itself.

  • Ok first of all my babys dad joe is not armed and dangerous second of all u have the whole story wrong and third he wasn’t the one who supposedly did the stabbing when all this stuff happened that nite there was joe and like 3 other men and when jason was stabbed joe was on the other side of the truck so please like the other comment said get you facts straight jason said himself it was to dark to see who did it and he didn’t want to point his finger at the wrong person like police did and I told police it wasn’t joe stuff was said out of anger but brought into the open and thought the situation was cleard but apparently not

  • you guys have it all wrong, Joe did not do it,Christina is his girlfriend not the so called victim Jason, they are just friends,and they just wanted to get joe in trouble,he didnt’ do it now he is scared, unless someone gets the facts straight,you will never find him,

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