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  • I would just like to add, that “all is good and does good always”, including all gang members man……….but, sometimes this is perhaps the way I feel about gang members, as for my previous comment, because gang members are so ignorant sometimes, and so agressive sometimes, and so evil sometimes. The film footage I wrote my first comment about clearly shows the bloods & crips “BLATANT” evil and disregard for life, and it is sad. And, at any rate, I hereby retract & withdraw my first comment, always, because I wrote it while I was very angry about gangs, and it is really not how I feel, because how I really feel is that “all is good & does good always” , including all gang members, always. But, Since some of my gang members get so evil and blatant in their evil and ignorance and disregard for my life and for others’ life, I do have to publicly humiliate them sometimes, because that is what they deserve. So, my first comment is just an expression of my anger at that timespace regarding gangs, and it is not really how I feel nor what I believe. I despise & detest death and violence and evil and problems of all type, always. Love always, Robert Michael Crofoot, GOD

  • It sure is refreshing to see “any” and “all” gang member(s) terminated on tape, always. I am 100% tired of “all” gangs at this point in timespace. I think it’s good to have “tons” of bloods and crips and serenos and m-13 gang members being terminated by Police on tape “videos” available to the public, and widely publicized,always, including on the Internet. It teaches these gang member punks what they can expect if they want to be in a gang. I love it, always, and it cheers me up, always. I think it’s hilarious, always. May all gang members be dead and beat down, always, amen. Me & my Officers are Authorized to use lethal force, and we can & will & do use lethal force against gangs, period, always. The black gangs are headed right back toward legalized slavery, so may they reap what they sow, and may they be in chains once again, amen. This is my current thoughts on gangs, particularly “black” gangs such as bloods and crips, amen.
    Love always, Robert Michael Crofoot, GOD

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