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* James Edward Griffin Of Oakland Arrested For Stabbing Robert Shaner To Death In Estranged Wife’s Concord Home

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A 41-year-old man was fatally stabbed in his estranged wife’s Concord home this morning and another man has been arrested on suspicion of murder, a police captain said.The stabbing happened at about 10:30 a.m. in a home in the 3500 block of Concord Boulevard and is the first homicide in the city this year, Capt. Brian Wiesendanger said.He said a witness called police and provided a description of the suspect’s vehicle and that an officer responding to the stabbing witnessed it leaving the area. The officer managed to quickly stop and apprehend 41-year-old James Edward Griffin of Oakland,Wiesendanger said.Officers who entered the home found Robert Shaner, 43, of Concord suffering from stab wounds. He was taken to a local hospital where he later died.Police said it appears Shaner had spent the night at his estranged wife’s home. In the morning, Griffin, a friend of Shaner’s wife, arrived. Shaner and Griffin became involved in an argument, which escalated into a physical altercation in which Shaner was stabbed, police said. Wiesendanger said Shaner’s wife was at the home, but didn’t say whether she witnessed the stabbing.Griffin was arrested on suspicion of murder.

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  • Bev,
    I have been thinking of you and Art all day. Big hugs go out to you. I know in my heart that James with be going away for a long time.I just can’t wait to get the phone call from Art today and I want you to know that Rob didn’t have anymore problems than the rest of us he was your son and didn’t deserve what happened to him.people are accountable for their actions and what James did was WRONG! that is a man full of anger and he is not above the law.I just think Leslie should have gone down with him… keeping my fingers crossed to hear the outcome that has been long over due.

  • the trial is in progress son had problems,yes,but he did not deserve to be stabbed in the back,snd left to die.james will get what he deserves in this life or the next.

  • hi this is James little sister Jessica .we lost our father too 27 yrs ago he was a devout Hells Angle please quit making obscene remarks about my brother and fuck the feds fuck the police and your pig daddy .have wonder day retard

  • I’ve known rob for sometime he was my best friends father. No matter what ridiculous opinions and shit you all have to say it was murder and my best friend lost his father, something no one should ever have to go through. This was murder you insensitive pricks, look at the facts, speculation and respective point of views come from people you hear it from. I didn’t know james like you didn’t rob but this in no right state of mind makes it okay to take someone life. Fuck you james edward griffin I hope you rot in a cell my dad protects, Alameda county sherrif Chris Roemer badge # 482

  • I can’t wait for it to all come out and Anno you don’t know crap ah were you there ????? it is a sad loss all the way around but this is the end my friend people that stab people in the back better watch their back in the pokie when is the court date thought it was sometime in April does anyone know that? keep me posted

  • He’s going down…. Glad my tax money is getting put to good use.. Another THUG off the streets.. My kids can sleep safer tonight

  • if you go to oakland ask about griffin laugh at self defense look at the criminal history violent

  • hahahahahaha… sounds like anno is a friend of the MURDERER.. Listen retard.. when you Kill someone and run from the crime scene your GUILTY… F james edward griffin… Hope he lubes that butt of his for some easy action.. lol

  • you people dont no what the %$# your talking about you wern’t we will see all about the truth when that day comes so shut the %$#@ up you don’t know the details really you have no idea!!! so quit the ^%$ talking until you really know what happpened you wern’t their.

  • well said sister.. When the life without the possibility of parole comes down than the truth will come out…. Murder is Murder.. Especially when you run from the police…

  • Everyone that calls James a hero is sick. Hero’s don’t kill people I think it is sick how everyone is talking crap about a man that can’t defend himself because he is dead and lets face it Leslie is no angel, she has some big issues too but you would never see me posting it up on the internet. For the little girl who was NOT being raised by her mother living in the Midwest has no room to talk about Rob’s parenting skills. Where’s your empathy for Rob and his family? I came from a very abusive relationship, didn’t take me long to figure it out, I left. If Rob was so bad to Leslie, why didn’t she leave, that should tell you something right there. It’s sickening how you make her out to be such a victim and if Rob abused her I don’t condone that but I also know it went both ways. Their relationship was messed up on so many different levels. Your outlook on this horrible situation is so callused and thoughtless. How would you feel if you had a loved one that died and people were walking around calling the person that murdered your loved one a hero, self-defense or not, it leaves me speechless, I don’t know what to say to you to make you understand the severity of the whole thing. What this really comes down to is that Leslie and James could have left, they could have called 911, they could have done a lot of things but didn’t. The proof is in the pudding and when the court date comes around everyone will know the truth and all this gossiping can stop.

  • whatever… Shows your a retard… If it was self defense he would have stayed to explain.. NOT RUN LIKE A COWARD…

  • Yes I do.. Only an idiot takes the law into his own hands.. Woman beater or not.. It doesnt mean murder is the answer…
    So yes it is tragic that 2 lives are lost.. and laughable that someone is that stupid to ruin thier life over an incident when all he had to do was call 911… Or at least stay at the scene of the Crime and Not make a GETAWAY… That alone shows he is not sorry and deserves whatever is coming is way…

  • LOL, REALLY? Come on!? REALLY!?
    It is true, although James is claiming self defense, and this shaner guy was an idiot woman beater, it does not excuse a reason for murder!

    I know of someone with a clean background, no criminal history at all, this person stabbed someone to death out of literal self defense and did a total of 11 years.

    Griffin will no doubt do some hard long time, even with a self defense claim.

    Really, do we need to make fun of someone for standing up for another? Even if it created a murder?
    This case has not gone to trial yet LOL.

  • Yeah.. If that was the case he wouldnt have been arrested… SO better get the facts straight.. If there was really a self defense case than there wouldnt be murder charges right…
    Oh well he is still gonna spend a better part of his life in prison.. 4 that is laughable.. Shoulda thought twice before killing someone.. he is not he judge, jury or executioner.. He will however meet them very shortly…

  • Maybe the next time neighbors here a woman crying for help that hes trying to kill her and no one would even help and it was several times not just once.We Need more Good Samaritans in this world people just stand around and watch like that teenager who got raped and everyone just stood there and watched think about it what if it was your Daughter you would be pissed of as well.I Would Think even more than just pissed off.We need the Good Samaritan Law Back In Effect not just for medical use or a lot more people wont care and a lot more people might Die because they will just sit there and not do a thing. i swear this whole world is Backwards

  • Robert tried to murder his wife first James saved her life i believe that is whats called self dont tell me if someone was coming after your friend or family or you u wouldnt defend your friend or family and u had no phone to call for help because robert alwaysbroke his wifes cell phones and pulled the land line out of the wall.I dont think its a laughing mater you must not be a good Hearted person and also your suppose to teach your kids not to beat women.this is a friend in support for James.

  • A MURDERER IS IN JAIL WHERE HE BELONGS… NOONE DESERVES TO DIE…He is a Killer and will spend the rest of his life in prison.. No matter how many letters I write to the DA… I think its funny that you can murder someone than call him a HERO.. What a joke… seriously

  • Thanks so much WTF for your support in Griffins Honer.And all you woman Beaters Out Their better watch Out ………………………………In James courage for saving Lives That Day And Honor We Need More Men With A Good Heart To Save More Women In This World So Many Die Each Year Because Noone Gives A Crap. The Police Dont Care The Mental Hospital Didnt Care And Even Roberts Doctor Didn’t Care His Own Son Didn’t Even Talk To His Father Ansd Most Of All His Family Didn’t Care When His Wife Tried To Leave Him All His Family Was Worried About Who Was Going To Take Care Of Robert. They Expected His Wife To When She Was Getting The Sh.. Beaten Out Of Her. And She Was The First One To Get Him Help At A Mental Hospital In His Late 30s Not His Family When He Had Problems In His Late Teens. Roberts Parents Even Had To Raise His Own Son.

  • This society we live in is so loser friendly.
    Men who beat women and children up all deserve to die in a worse fashion that being stabbed!
    Mr.Shaner’s non existense to our society is probably a really great thing!
    Mr.Griffin did society a favor I’m sure!

  • Robert was trying to kill his wife first it was self defense other wise she would be Dead and her daughter wouldn’t have a one Knows the Hell He put her through for your info don’t talk crap you could be in her shoes someday.

  • Jeez.. Someone is getting some from james apparently.. A murder is in jail.. Where he belongs.. Whether the guy was violent or not noone deserves to die…

  • Get over it over it over it over it over it!!!!!!!! people don’t have a brain if they are worrying bout this live! people live!

  • Hell yeah she has a duckin point u idiots!!!!!! get over it already you dumbasses it’s over it’s done with move on with ur lives and live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hey Ladys Come On And Stand UP FOR YOURSELVES IF YOU CANT DO FOR YOURSELVES AT LEAST TRY TO IN JAMES HONOR…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  • helen, thank you so much for responding and for being on my side.. id really appreciate if youd pass the word around because he is innocent

  • How come theres nothing about Robert in the papers he was walking around with all kinds of weapons and has a police record for almost killing his wife,and other things James Griffin is a hero and needs to be let free.

  • .james Giffin is innocent he saved many people that day.Robert Grant shaner Third was going to kill alot of people that day and when he said a few days before that he said he was going to kill his roomate mark and he was taken back to the mental hospital and they didn”t do a thing just like the police ever did anything or even his doctor they would never listen its contra costa countys fault.Let James go he saved alot of Lives
    Robert Shhaner Was bipolar and beat the crap out of his wife even his own brothher Knows This ARTHUR Let Jam es Edward Griffin Go Hes A Life Saver He Innocent The papers Don”t tell the truth James had to go to the Hospital to His Arm Were All Stabbed up so get the story Straight He Almost killed His Wife FOR CRYING OUT LOUD YOU.LADYS OUT THEIR WHO HAVE ALMOST DIED OUT THEIR FROM ABBUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS PLEASE TELL EVERYONE SO THHEY KNOW AND TELL PEOPLE JAMESS GRIFFIN IS INNOCENT AND DOESN’T BELONG IN JAIL…………………

  • Ok for one nobody knows the story of what happened they thought rob was fine because he was talking and saying the neighbors name. So i mean wouldn’t you think the person is fine if there talking this is just getting rediculious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s over with and done with there is no reason for her to be in jail if she was a witness people get it through your heads! They were there at the wrong place at the wrong time i have presentations on all this stuff i’m pretty sure i know. does anyone have anything better to do but sit on the computer all the time and gossip about this. When i know Rob beat my mom several times i seen it with my own eyes many of times, He was violent person sure it was self defence the way the story is shown. I want no part of this just saying how i feel bout the whole thing people get a life.

  • The details that Rob was stabbed in the back? How will we REALLY know the truth of the “details”?..

  • Why wasn’t Rob’s wife arrested she left with and in the murder suspect’s car. Didn’t call 911 just left. Lets just if it was self defence Which it was NOT you don’t run you don’t flee you call the police you call 911 period. As far can I see it Rob’s wife has blood on her hands and should be sitting in JAIL right along with James Edward Griffein and who are you Katy must be friends or family.

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