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* Alleged San Francisco Bayview Gang Members Charged With Three Murders-Warning Article Contains Language That May Be Considered Offensive

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EDITORS PLEASE NOTE: This article contains language that may offend some readers.
Charges have been filed against 10 alleged San Francisco gang members and associates in connection with three murders and other crimes in the city’s Bayview District since 2006, the district attorney’s office announced today. Nine alleged members of the BNT gang in the Bayview and one alleged associate of the gang were taken into custody in recent days
following a grand jury indictment issued Feb. 25, the district attorney’s office said. Arrested were London Shaw, 22, Antoine Fowler, 25, Clark Benson, 25, Cecil Terrel, 23, Brian Yang, 20, Cyril Hanna, 22, Julius Rhodes, 19, James Talley, 22, Thomas Sims III, 24, and Missy Davis, 20. All 10 are scheduled to be arraigned in San Francisco Superior Court on Tuesday morning. According to prosecutors, who say BNT stands for Broke Niggas Thievin’, the gang has been implicated in dozens of violent crimes in San Francisco over the past several years. The gang’s territory is in the Third Street area, bordered by Newhall and Mendell streets and Kirkwood and Newcomb avenues. It also controls an area near Commer and Garlington courts, prosecutors said. “The crimes charged in this indictment are symptoms of the disease that has taken hold of San Francisco and every other major city in the state, and that disease is gang violence,” District Attorney Kamala Harris said in a statement. Harris added that the “senseless violence gang members inflict on one another and on the community” would be prosecuted “with the maximum force of the law.” This case is “a reminder to our young people that gang life is a dead end,” she said. Shaw and Davis are accused in the July 16, 2009, fatal shooting of  Delvon Fields, 28, who was gunned down in front of his mother, girlfriend and three children as they were driving on McKinnon Avenue near Third Street, prosecutors said. Shaw, charged with murder, is believed to have been the shooter, and Hanna and Terrell were believed to have also been in the getaway vehicle, prosecutors said. Davis is charged with murder as an accomplice.
Shaw is also facing charges of robbery, conspiracy and firearm possession. Fowler, Benson and Terrell are charged with the murder of Lloyd Randleston, 21, on Oct. 13, 2006. According to prosecutors, the three were friends with Randleston but lured him to a secluded area near Commer Court under the ruse that they were going to retaliate against a rival gang. Once there, Fowler asked Randleston about a gun he was thought to have stolen from the gang, then allegedly shot and killed him, prosecutors said. Fowler is charged with murder, conspiracy and firearm possession; Benson is charged with murder and conspiracy; and Terrell is charged with murder, conspiracy and drug possession. Yang is charged with the fatal shooting of Gregory Chapman, 46, during a robbery on May 13, 2008. Chapman was a bus driver and father of three. Yang is also charged with conspiracy and carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle. Hanna, Rhodes and Talley are charged with robbery and conspiracy for separate robberies in 2007 and 2008. Sims is facing multiple drug and firearm possession charges.

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  • This is simply horrifying and heart wrenching. To be a witness to the murder of your own child and your own father. and your love I could not imagine. I pray for all the people involved and definitely the families. I am so sorry to hear about this horrific situation impacting your families. May Gods love and mercy sustain your hearts and mind as you continue on the best way you can through life. May Gods mercy and grace be sufficient in this situation. Godbless.

  • being the mother of a child on of the deceases, I can say that this is all true. I knew all these people and as a mother would you like to have raised your child with the optition of not even knowing their father? I think not.

  • Because everyone else has such great detail in their story. Im sure he was caught with a gun or drugs but to me it seems like he must’ve turned on them and is giving info which is why his little bit is lacking info. Of course I could be wrong I mean you know the thugs have that no snitching rule and what not.

  • It does list that he has multiple drug and fire arm charges… why is it odd/fishy that he is’nt a focal point?

  • Isn’t it odd that thomas Sims doesn’t have any charges being announced in this article but everyone else does. Thats kind of fishy.

  • Sorry sister, I was rasied in the Bayview/HP area and know some of the people named in the article. These are not stereotypical views! I have seen every person on this list hanging on third like its a second job. Feeding into the stereotypes in which you say they are victims of being labeled. You should face it! Children of god DO NOT linger on 3rd street and feed into stereotypes but raise above them as many sucessful young black men have done out of the community. Please re-evaluate your view on this situation. Looking forward to having a discussion with you.

  • If my son wasn’t one of the acussed, reading these articles on these youngsters would appear to me as if these kids are guilty. But because one of them is my son and the other my God son, I know these accusations and stereotypical visual you are trying to betray are untrue. These kids traveled, attended church on Sundays, and had families of their own. My son never dealt any drugs and never was arrested with any weapons or anything else for that matter. What they are is victims of police harassment, police brutality, and stocking. The San Francisco police department is the one’s who should be indited!!!!

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