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* Raymond Brau Antioch Man Arrested For Allegedly Beating Women In Hotel Room He Met On MySpace

A man wanted on suspicion of beating a woman at an Antioch hotel and threatening a hotel employee was arrested Monday, police said. On Feb. 6, officers went to the Stone Villa Inn on Auto Center Drive in response to a report that a woman had been beaten there.They found a 28-year-old Pittsburg woman with facial lacerations and a broken nose. She told investigators she had been assaulted by Raymond Brau, of Sacramento. An investigation revealed that Brau and the woman had met two months earlier on the social networking site MySpace. During a meeting at the hotel on Feb. 6, police said, Brau became angry during an argument and punched the victim several times. Brau fled when a guest in a neighboring room called police.A hotel employee told police Brau was charged for damage he caused to the room, and that he called the hotel on Feb. 9 threatening to slit the employee’s throat if she didn’t remove the charges, police said.Brau was arrested Monday and taken to county jail in Martinez.

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  • I know,,,,, he has more cases in Sac… he’ll get what he deserves tho…. He better just stay away from me!

  • wow veronica, he should have gotten a lot more than that. thats not much at all. so sorry. he will get out and re-offend. at least he plead guilty though. thats unlike him. he takes pride in sticking to his lies. thanks for updating us. regards.

  • Im illegal??? u stupid ass foo!!!! im not Illegal!!!!! u an idiot ,,,, Rymond Brau pleaded guilty oct 5 2011 to what he did to me,,,, hes getting 9 months ,,, and still have pending cases in Sac,,,, hope he gets raped/beat in there!!!!

  • Im illegal??? stupid ass foo…… im not illegal,,,!!!! Raymond Brau pleaded guilty yesterday for what he did to me!!!! hes doing 9 months for my case and has 2 3 more pending in Sac…. hope u get raped!!!!

  • I hope he is held accountable for this crime. looks like ALL of his other charges were dropped! cant believe our justice system!

  • I know we will be watching OUR neighborhood very good as it did happen on OUR street ! We go to the court dates to. We have spoke to police he has a record for other violent acts.

  • I went to school with him and he was always on some girls rear. His girlfriend was up there quite a bit, maybe checking on him- she was always asking people questions about him. Would’nt want to go back home if I were him.

  • this guy is so disgusting, I know him and he is abusive and perverted. hope he gets a longtime and people know about him

  • the hotel clerk wants to sue who? YOU?? you dont even have a JOB! you sit at home and collect unemplyment and MOLEST little girls that walk past your HOME! WEIRDO!!

  • If anyone wants to know the truth about this incident, just email me at [email protected]

    Let people knwo how shady Bay Area women are. Let people know how the Contra Costa County police dept do not conduct fair investigations.

    Its been over a year and I am still going to trial, getting my name slandered while the real person at guilt VERONIKA GALVEZ (who is an illegal immigrant) remains to be unscathed by this. Its is a shame our judicial system will overlook the facts because of a women who will lie, and a hotel clerk who cannot understand english thinking she can sue and get money.

  • I am that man that was “allegedly” beat the woman on I met on myspace. First off, The lady who was the hotel clerk, could barely speak english, and she was the one yelling at me because I was asking for a detailed listing for the charges. She said she was not the manager until I told her my name then she said she was the manager. I calleld her a bitch and hung up on her after several mi utes of trying to understand her and getting to knock down the communication barrier between us. Secindly, the lady whom I met on myspace was Veronika Galvez of Pittsburg, Ca. There are a lot of details that are left out of the story, so before my name gets slandered anympre, I would appreciate it if you take down this post, or, read the entire police report. I am still on myspace with my same page. However, Veronika deleted her page and all remains of her page to try to erase her guilt in this matter. The lamp in the hotel is broken because of Galvez’s bad temper and attempt to attack me ended up in her causing herself injury. This is still going on to trial, so please tune in to the County Pittsburg is in. I dont know what county that is in, I am from sacramento. It is frustrating that my name cau be easily slandered through the internet. Any inquiries about this can be submitted by email to [email protected]

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