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* Caught on Tape-5 Year Old Girl Being Taught to Purse Snatch-Help Police ID Them

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  • That is so sad and ridiculous why would you make her child do that let a lone teach them to do that. I’m an Afro-American parent and i would never teach my child such a thing. Not all Afro-American child have bad role models. We have enough criminals in society without having to teach or children how to become one. You should be at home teaching her how to become a successful person in society by getting an education and working for what she want’s not going around stealing from people. That’s just wrong, it’s one thing for you as a parent/person to do that but to teach your child to do that is plan stupid. You chose the path you wanted to go why teach your child that same path. Grow up already and take care of yourself. They need to take your kids from you.

  • This has been happening in the black community for years. The parents will have their children commit crimes because they know if they get caught, what is going to happen? THey take a 5 year old to jail?? What great parents and role models young black kids have to look up to.

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