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* Jesus Diaz 18-Year-Old Shot To Death In San Lorenzo Four Juveniles Arrested Names Withheld Because They’re Juveniles

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Four juveniles have been arrested in connection with an attempted robbery that resulted in the shooting death of an 18-year-old man in San Lorenzo over the weekend, Alameda County sheriff’s Sgt. Scott Dudek said today. The suspects allegedly attempted to rob Jesus Diaz, a San Leandro man, at about 8:54 p.m. Saturday while he was sitting in his vehicle in front of San Lorenzo Park, near the intersection of Via Carmen and Via Carreta. Diaz tried to flee in his vehicle and was shot, according to Dudek.Diaz was able to drive away from the park but crashed into a nearby house in the 900 block of Bockman Road as a result of his gunshot wounds, Dudek said.Diaz was transported to Eden Hospital in Castro Valley, where he was pronounced dead.Based on witness statements, investigators were able to quickly identify and arrest four suspects for the murder of Diaz, Dudek said.Because they’re juveniles, Dudek didn’t disclose their names.He said the juveniles are from San Lorenzo and San Leandro and their ages range from 14 to 17.

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  • Not a day goes by that i dont think about paya$o i miss him….
    Even tho hes gone hes never 4gotten wen i first found out watt happin i couldnt and didnt wanna belive it. you were a good friend and i know your in a better place
    rest easy paya$o

  • dam jesus we all miss you we all wish you were still out here but your in a better place now may you rest in peace jesus M. Diaz

  • almost half a year has gone by and i still think bout ya everyday. you were like my lil cousin i so badly wish you can still be with us. we had some good times and you had so much more to look forward to, i love you and miss you and you will always be in my heart and thoughts………..

  • I don’t know if any of your realize but there’s some ignorant person as “limo23” on I am just so upset with this person’s comments. Instead of respecting or leaving good memories about Jesus on that “chat” room, this person’s acting like they know what they’re talking about – calling him a thug. Believe me I’m trying to keep this terrible tragedy about love and prayers to his parents, sister, family and friends… but this person’s got me all riled up. I’m only mentioning that people check out “limo23″‘s comments so that maybe if someone knows this person they can better educate them on love and respect with the dearly departed, Jesus Manuel.
    I will end by asking that you, his friends, as Father said at Jesus’ Mass, don’t let his death be in vain. Do things to make him proud from Heaven above. Remember, sometimes it takes a real man to just walk away. Don’t lower yourselves to the others that just plain out “front”. It’s all an act on their part. Please show them that walking away – even from the most difficult situations, is how a persons who’s really “down” handles things. “Down” with what? Love for their parents/families, friends and a promising future. Thanks for listening! Love and prayers to the Diaz Family!!!

  • Jesus Was Always Like A Brother To Me I Been Wit Him Through Alot Of S____…People Look At Him As A Gang Member..Thats Not Wat He Was..He Was A Loving Brother,Son And He Loved His Girl With A His Love..So Wat If He kicked it wit homies he kicked it wit all kinds of people..because he had dat much love n respect for many..always smilin being goofy..havin a good time..i dont want people to remember him as a ganster or watever they sayin out there..remember him as wat he was a happy loving guy that we well all mis n love..for those of u that love him dont be sad for he is standing there next to all of us keeping us safe and watching over us..dont say well never see him again because one day we well. n when dat day comes well see dat happy smile once again
    R.I.P my lil brother Jesus Diaz We Love You

  • I remember Jesus Diaz since middle school till now. We were cool and everything, but even then he was not making the best decisions he could make. Getting involved in the moment and not looking at things in a bigger perspective got him caught up in things I would not be very proud of. None the less he was a good guy who was very funny, clever and kind hearted. Lol now that I remember I once got mad at him in middle school for being just that, clever and facetious and tried to tackle him in PE. I was upset with my poor choice in behavior and apologized to him and he not once was angry or upset.

    That laid back nature he had was good even though he did not make the best decisions he tried not to hurt other peoples lives, or at least from my perspective and fills me sad to see an old friend die.

    Hopefully those who cared about him might look at their actions and try to be as good as a person they could be and try to do things that will only benefit people, and not hurt. And hopefully people will become strong enough to not need to live in the violent revenge driven and aggressive “thug life” which cannot help those they care about.

    Well, in all respect and in true thought I want to say he will be missed, and hopefully people learn to relax and not get so mad or at least resort to take another persons life. So one less article has to be written about a high school student, a young adult, being murdered over gang related motivations.

    And tho those who responded before me, please think like Jesus’s cousin said, remember him for who he was as a person, not a title or some bullshit like that. And from me, love life and love those around you like Jesus did. :Pun intended:

  • No , not duckin payaso… he will not be remembered by no gang bullhit, this is his cousin, show some duckin respect you call him by his real duckin name. you will forever be in our hearts manuelito, Jesus Manuel Diaz. We’ll see you soon man,… you didnt deserve to go out this way.

  • he waz a gud guy he never wanted to start anythingg with anyone. he waz a funny person who always got along with everyonee.. R.i.P Biq BRO ANd …dayyyyyymm babeee u dint deserve nunn of thiss.. igot sOOo much Love fer u .mayy u rest in peace ma Love, 070109 forever. weL be uhp ther witchuu one dayy save us a spott.. Lovee aLwayzz -samanthaa i miss yu pookiebearr

  • hey was up people payaso will always be in our hearts and people that know you will always remember u love R.I.P PAYASO

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