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* Karl Sanft Arrested For Murder Of Hayward Bay Cities Auction Employees Angelito Erasquin And James Wightman

Hayward police said today that they believe a 34-year-old Union City man stabbed to death a security guard and a truck driver after he was spotted in the act of stealing a vehicle at a car auction lot early Tuesday. Police Capt. Darryl McAllister said investigators believe the suspect, Karl George Sanft, a 6-foot-3, 316-pound man who has a criminal record, drove to the Manheim San Francisco Bay lot at 1901 Addison Way in Hayward around 5:30 a.m. Tuesday, rammed through the locked front gate and stole another vehicle.McAllister said it’s believed that Sanft fatally stabbed security guard Angelito Erasquin, a 63-year-old Hayward man, when Erasquin attempted to stop him.Investigators think Sanft then fatally stabbed truck driver James Wightman, a 63-year-old Central Point, Ore., man, because Wightman saw Sanft kill Erasquin and would have been a witness, McAllister said.Wightman frequently delivered vehicles to the car auction lot and was using the site as a place to rest, according to McAllister. The auto auction business is on a 73-acre property that houses more than 2,000 cars.Sanft was found Tuesday afternoon in the stolen car by police in Sunnyvale, who had been summoned by residents who reported a suspicious car, McAllister said.Sanft was booked on car theft charges and other evidence eventually linked him to the Hayward double homicide, McAllister said.Among the evidence that was recovered was a large fixed-blade knife that police believe Sanft used to kill Erasquin and Wightman.The evidence was gathered as a result of several searches, including searches of Sanft’s house and the car he left at the auto auction site.Hayward police brought Sanft in for questioning Wednesday and he confessed to killing Erasquin and Wightman in a three-and-a-half hour interview that ended early this morning, McAllister said.Police believe that Sanft acted alone.Sanft was booked on suspicion of murder, vehicle theft and receiving stolen property and is expected to be arraigned in Alameda County Superior Court in Hayward at 2 p.m. on Friday. He is being held at the Santa Rita Jail in Dublin without bail.”This is a very brutal crime that has really impacted the families and also the Hayward community at large,” McAllister said.He described the crime scene as “horrific and very disturbing.”The investigation was “gut-wrenching and exhausting” but police are “ecstatic” that McAllister is in custody, McAllister said.He said six investigators worked around the clock to solve the case.

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  • i worked with jim wightman for over ten years and was his friend, we had alot of fun on the job and just hanging out. he like to be outdoors and liked hunting, i had to come to hayward the week of his murder and pick up his trailer, it was so sad! i was supposed to meet him and another friend the night before he was killed to have dionner but i was delayed and he left and i never got to see him again. been missing him alot lately!

  • to the familys i appoligize for what my uncle has done i know there is nothing i could ever say that could atone for what he has done he wasnt him self after my uncle finne died i hope that one day you may forgive this poor tongan man for his crimes he i wish it hadnt happend to anyone no one deserves to die like this

  • I am so so sorry for the families involved. God bless you with peace.

    Does anyone know what nationality Karl is or what happened to his parents?

  • (continued)

    Anyways bottom line G was wrong for what he did and honestly that bothers me and makes me sad that now he has no choice but to be locked up probably forever! All I know is that big g was there for me when ever I needed a friend to talk too or a shoulder to cry on that guy was there for me! I know he was going through a separation with his wife and I know that the things they were going through affected him and especially being away from his kids really tore him apart. And honestly him being under the influence of a controled substance impacted his behavior that eventually got the best of him. Sad. Very sad… This pic of him is a pic that would describe a killer but catch him on a regular day he is full of smiles and a goofy jolly guy. Rip to angelito erasquin and to james whitman.

  • Around the neighbor hood he was known as BIG G! And for the two or so years that I have known him I learned that yes he does come off as a big intimidating scary giant but deep down inside is a very loving friendly lost soul. I never thought he’d do such a horrible thing and for that there is no excuse for why he did what he did. Sometimes what people need is someone to be there to understand what the

  • I knew Karl in high school. We sang in the choir together and performed in the musical Damn Yankees. Karl was a good guy, but I knew that he had a lot of stuff going on outside of school. Karl could have gone either way, unfortunately, he went down a dark path. I’m sorry that this happened to the two men involved. I’m sorry that this is now Karl’s story. I teach high school in Los Angeles now and I see kids like Karl all the time. This makes me so sad for everyone involved.

  • I currently work there and it’s sad to hear about this case first hand from his co workers, it was clear that this man (Karl) was not going to this place for a car, he had other plans since the time he approached the gate: what that was is obvious now. For everyone that suggest guns, it’s not the answer, from working there at night it’s a different world and a gun would only make the element a more dangerous one, a car, any type is never worth a life; all the cars in tha lot are not worth any lifes, so a gun would only give the impression they are. God bless Angelito, from the co-workers he was an angel. My condolances to the family, rest in peace.

  • Karl Sanft was my best friend in the sixth and seventh grades in middle school (Alvarado). In the sixth grade we were just kids, in the seventh we began to grow up and started getting into some questionable activities. The difference between Karl and me I think was family. My parents were very active in my life and because of that I found a different path. Poor Karl did not. My prayers go out to the families of those slain. They didn’t deserve what they got.

    And to all of those wishing hellfire and damnation upon Karl just look at his picture, that’s a tortured soul there and he has most likely been in his own hell for a long time already. He’ll probably be there forever.


  • First of all I want share my condolences to both families of the victoms. I worked at BCAA on the same shift with Lito some years ago. I know people on the outside suggest more security but its really not needed. We have had many close calls but nothing to this extent. Guns is not the answer either although a stun-gun I would favor (but Ca doesnt like that). Its all about the training so that if/when a situation occurs you will be ready. In my experience of working their all security officers talk to each other frequently and view each other every so often so commubnication is established. There was never any training for real world situations. That would be my only suggestion along with a stun gun. GOD bless all those effected by this selfish act by Karl George Sanft.

  • Condolence to the families for their loss.I really dont know whats going on in our cities nowadays,Today were here and tomorrow we could be gone.I went to Logan with this person,I remember a few years back his brother was stabbed and killed in Union City.This is all sad man! How people were normal and law abiding before and all of a sudden you just see them on the news committing crimes! If theres a GOD please help us!

  • First of all i just wanted to send my regards to both familys and to stay strong know matter what. I feel that who ever did this horible crime belongs in jail for the rest of there life with out PAROL.

  • This is not the first violent incident that i have heard about at BCAA in Hayward. BCAA needs to step up and make this a safer place for its employees and customers. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! I cant believe the Auto Auction cant afford more security. I will never load there after dark again. Pathetic and tragic.

  • He can be fixed, if this mongrel gets neutered!!! Putang ina sheeeeeeeeet. RIP TITO LITO 2010 – forever and a day… +

  • Too bad the security guard wasn’t allowed to be armed by the auction. None of this would have happened if he had a gun. Very sad.

  • I am so sorry for these guys and to find out the guy that did this has prior violent crimes. WAKE up America when will we learn some people just cant be fixed.

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