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* Caught on Tape-Vallejo City Worker Attacked by Mob on Street-Watch Video Here

A $2,000 reward is now being offered for information leading to the arrest of the teenagers who beat a city employee and stole his wallet Monday, Vallejo police said today. The Vallejo Police Department also posted on its Web site video taken at the scene of the beating and robbery at 640 Broadway. Police said the attack happened around 3:20 p.m. near Vallejo High
School as the 47-year-old Suisun City man was returning a backhoe to the city’s corporation yard. Sgt. Kevin Bartlett said a male juvenile threw something at the backhoe as it passed and the city worker drove back to the location “in an attempt to contact the suspect for a police response.” The worker was attacked by several male juveniles and was knocked to the ground “where he was swarmed by what appears to be over 40 people,” Bartlett said. The employee suffered a fractured skull, fractured jaw, broken teeth and a fractured collarbone, Bartlett said. He was treated at Kaiser Permanente, Vallejo Medical Center.  The video was taken by security cameras at Britton’s Mini Mart and by a concerned citizen, police said. Some of the people involved in the incident have been identified and others are believed to have substantial information about the beating or are possible suspects, Bartlett said. The worker, wearing an orange shirt, can be seen sitting on the ground after the beating and robbery and good Samaritans eventually broke up the attack, Bartlett said. Police said Tuesday three teens were involved in the actual assault and it’s unknown if they are Vallejo High School students. Ken Shoemaker, vice president of Local 2376 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 2376 said the employee was a well-liked, 20-year city employee and IBEW union member. The IBEW Local 2376 and the Solano Crime Stoppers have each offered a $1,000 reward.

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CLICK HERE For More Crimes Caught on Tape and Breaking News

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  • I live by this high school, and buy my gas at that station. I know how these kids behave, or should I say misbehave. There’s no adult supervision, no one to say “no” to them or draw a line with any consequences. The high school doesn’t give a damn, and if anyone stands up to protest the misbehavior like this fellow did, look what happens.

    Want to let a bunch of kids roam around off campus without adult supervision? Want to set up a system where teachers and administrators are too afraid of being sued to keep a bunch of undisciplined kids in line? Well, this is what you get, America, this is what you get, so either get used to it or wake up and stop being so stupid about how you’ve let things go. Are YOU happy with they way your tax dollar’s being spent?

    And don’t try to tell me this is a race thing. I don’t care if these kids are black or white or green with specks. They have no discipline and no respect for anyone, least of all themselves. The news is just the teaser that fills up the space between the advertising, so stop crying about what they cover and don’t. It’s not a government agency, and you don’t have to buy it.

    And what do you suppose these kids are going to do when it’s time for them to become productive parts of society? Not much, that’s what. Call THEM a lost generation, but these children are OUR future.

  • Get over yourself…This is not about your bigoted views of people…I don’t care if you are “black” which by the way is NOT a nationality or a label that I would brand myself, though I am what is now called African –American, still not our true heritage.
    It’s about criminal act that needs to be punished. Society has failed the children of this country. All of them, even those who know better than to commit such violent and senseless acts are still in some ways void of compassion or the kind of reasoning that can heal these problems. And even your children are void of the same compassion if they are full of their so called “vaccination” injectables and practice what you preach.
    Just because this is caught on tape, and it is news that is reported in your area, doesn’t mean that children of other ethnicities don’t commit violent acts. Columbine was not perpetrated by “black” kids.
    We are a part of the problem when we see ourselves as innocent in the erosion of morals and the value of human life.. We buy it and we sell it. We have allowed a generation to become desensitized to it AND THEN WE stand in judgment of them. You sound like ANIMALS to me..Sitting behind your computer pecking out your bigotry on your key board…

  • I think the men in his union should go to that school and kick some serious ass that’s the only justice they will see these boys will be protected because they are youths and its not their fault they have a tough life. it is everyone else s fault their daddy ran off or their mommy ran off or they cant steal a better Ipod then their buddy or carjack a nicer car now they are traumatized. they say only a few will be arrested how that work? it appears about 30 were involved these poor poor misguided yuts I ment youths.

  • There should be a lot of people getting arrested. They should not ignore this just because its not politically correct to arrest. It is what it is a blood thirsty mob attacking a person. I dont care what their race is, its just wrong everyone should write letters to the police department and insist on justice. This is disgusting by anyone’s standards.

  • Omg Cedric your right they look like piranhas from the rain forest or Vultures attacking dead prey in the wild or lions going in for the kill but animals attack to eat these people dont deserve to be called animals there is another name for them and it aint tigger !

  • Wow this would make CNN if it was a black guy and a bunch of whites attacked. Where are all the protesters where are all the people demanding justice. YAAAAA right oh ya where is that Oakland Attorney Burris I am ashamed to to be a black man when I watch such animal behavior this is why its hard for people not to judge.

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