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* Bryan Allen Davis Also Known As Bryan Allen Vulgamore Arrested On Cold Case For Murder Of Livermore Women Cecilia Marie Garcia

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A 34-year-old man was arrested last week in connection with an eight-year-old cold case murder in Livermore, Livermore police announced today.The investigation into the Jan. 8, 2002, murder of Livermore resident Cecilia Marie Garcia, who was 24 years old at the time she died, involved cellular phone records, witness statements and admissions made by the suspect to police detectives and other witnesses, according to police.Last Wednesday, police arrested Bryan Allen Vulgamore, also known as Bryan Allen Davis, in Modesto on suspicion of killing Garcia. He was arraigned in Alameda County Superior Court on Friday, police said.

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  • The District Attorney (DA) is an elected official who oversees all Deputy DAs. The DA decides if there is enough evidence to take a case to trial based on evidence collected by detectives. Therein lies the problem. The detectives think they know the suspect in a case and they build on that assumption and ignore evidence that may point to another suspect, case closed. The real culprit gets off scott free based on an erroneous decision made by the detectives and perpetuated by the DA who decides to prosecute. The Deputy DA is given the case and deals with a grieving family who, of course, wants justice. Once an arrest is made the DA, and the detectives, want to save face on that arrest at any cost. Hence, missing taped interviews, refusing evidence to be entered, etc. It is “faux Justice”. Meanwhile, the family of the victim thinks they are getting justice and the suspect and his/her family suffer the consequences. It is my belief that in some cases we do not have well-trained detectives (OJ Simpson case for example) capable of doing a thorough investigation before focusing on one suspect. A rush to justice really. Lies are perpetuated and misinformation is circulated by the police in order to support their case. One can only hope that level-headed, intelligent jurors can be found, and of course an experienced attorney, to see through the lies and innuendos. Then there is what I call “guilt by newspaper” but I don’t want to get on that soap box!

  • 1 year and 22 months later. Bryan has yet to have a voice. Have not even been given a preliminary hearing . D.A does not even show up. No such thing as innocent until proven guilty.

  • To staff writer. Cell phone records to whom ,family and friends. I have read ALL PHONE RECORDS. So far to date we have read no witness statements that Bryan had anything to do with this case.Have read reports. He also made no admissions to the police. Their is no D.N.A evidence or any other evidence linking Bryan to this case. This is a travesty. Bryan is being railroaded. This case was re-opened January tenth 2010 after 8 years. Bryan was arrested on January 13th 2010. Livermore D.A would not sign these charges. Their was not enough evidence. It was taken to Mark Melmon Alameda D.A who signed these charges.Politics has no business in the judicial system.

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