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* Severed Head Found at the Tomb of Drug Cartel Kingpin Arturo Beltran Leyva-Watch Video Here-Warning Graphic Images

Mexican army and police forces found a severed head with a rose on his ear at the door of  drug cartel leader Arturo Beltran Leyva.  Soldiers and police responded to the cemetery after receiving an anonymous tip and found the severed head at the Leyva tomb and the remainder of the body at the door to another drug cartel boss. Beltran was killed by Mexican Navy sailors and marines in a major gun battle lasting several hours when they tried to arrest him. The cartel retaliated by murdering the mother, sister, brother and cousin of a marine killed in action during the battle, only a few hours after his funeral. Leyva is buried at the custom built tomb in a $1.5 million dollar gold plated coffin. Warning this video news story contains graphic closeup images of the severed head some may consider disturbing and is not appropriate for children.

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