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* Police Shoot After Man Puts Gun Down Watch The Video First, And Then Read The Story

Officers ordering the suspect to put the assault rifle down and it appears he is complying and then he is shot! Is that what you see???  Want to know what it is like to work the streets and what risks you face daily???Watch the video again and watch the suspect’s right hand while he places the rifle down with his left hand.??What you don’t see, but the officer behind the suspect does see, is the suspect pulling a hidden handgun from his rear pants with his right hand.??You can also hear as the cop yells “Gun” before he shoots. Watch as the bad guy goes down, the handgun is still in his right hand. what this officer did was save his fellow officers life. Just a reminder — what you think you see at first does not always tell the truth.??Watch it again, and learn! Then pass this on to EVERYONE on your email list so they can do the same.??Its time Mr Citizen (and the press !!) has a better understanding of why this guy REALLY got shot not to mention the cops laying their lives on the line… they walk into situations most people would run from.

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