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* Piedmont Doctor Maurice Wolin Pleads No Contest to Attempting to Commit a lewd or lascivious Act with a Child Under 14 Years

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Piedmont oncologist Dr. Maurice Wolin, who challenged his prosecution in connection with a sexual predator sting operation in Petaluma in August 2006, pleaded no contest this afternoon in Sonoma County Superior Court to attempting to commit a lewd or lascivious act with a child under age 14. Wolin, 50, agreed to plead no contest to the felony charge in return for a 90-day county jail term and three years probation. He will be sentenced Feb. 26. Conviction of the felony carries a state prison term. Judge Arthur Wick said Wolin could apply for an alternative to serving the county jail term. Alternatives typically include home confinement or community service. Wick said Wolin could not withdraw his no contest plea if those alternatives are not available to him. Wolin also must register as a sex offender. Neither Wolin nor his attorney Blair Berk, would comment after Wolin entered his plea this afternoon. Berk said commenting would be “highly inappropriate.” Wolin was among 31 men who were arrested after they drove to a Petaluma house to have sex with young girls they had conversed with online.  Petaluma police Lt. Matt Stapleton, who oversaw the sex sting operation for the Police Department in conjunction with the Perverted Justice organization, said there are still five cases arising from the sting pending in court. The rest have resulted in convictions, including other plea agreements, he said. Dateline NBC interviewed and filmed some of the men at the house and their subsequent arrest as part of its “To Catch a Predator” segment. Berk argued at Wolin’s preliminary hearing in October 2007 that Wolin was entrapped by police and Perverted Justice founder Xavier Von Erck, who posed as 13-year-old “willowfilipino” during instant messaging chats with Wolin over a four-day period. Berk said Wolin told the 18-year-old actress who greeted the men at the Petaluma house, “I can’t” when she asked Wolin to join her in a hot tub. She said Wolin was there for only 49 seconds and started to leave when he noticed video monitors used in the sting operation behind a screen.  She said Perverted Justice founder Xavier Von Erck, initiated the online conversations and he badgered Wolin and called him a “chicken, a liar and a player” when Wolin balked at meeting “willowfilipino” two days before his arrest. Deputy District Attorney Brian Staebell argued during the preliminary hearing that Wolin, who’s online name was “tall dreamy doc,” engaged in “classic grooming behavior” and that his driving to the Petaluma house was an act in furtherance of an attempt to commit a lewd act.

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  • You see these people commenting and supporting this doctor? They are pedophiles or they support pedophiles. A child’s body is not ready to have children. Girls who have children young, die young for many reasons as this doctor is fully aware of. He also is aware that sex with a child will damage her body. He knows very well the long term health problems a child will have.

  • I know this person personally and his kids, he is actually not an awful person when you get to know him and that comment that says he does it to his kids too was disgusting and messed up Maurice wolin got a fine of 30,000 $ and he doesn’t work anymore his medical license got taken away the very reason that he didn’t go to prison is that he didn’t do anything he lied about his age and “connected” with a teenager but nothing happened they barely even met and now his whole life is ruined from one mistake. He is a good father and a good person other than that one mistake which suddenly changed everything it’s not your mistakes that define you because everyone makes mistakes (some worse than others) but we all do and it’s not the mistake that matters it’s how you deal with the mistake that counts and he is dealing with his mistake by having to think about it every day for the rest of his life but he is now working on having a healthy and good relationship with both his wife and kids.

  • betterthanyou: wow. i’ve seen some disturbing posts in my day, but i think this one is right near the top. Granted, in the earlier centuries, it was not uncommon for young ladies of 14 to be married and start producing families. But in those days, if you made it to 60 – you were immensely old! it is a different world now. Girls develop younger now, but their brains are not mature enough to handle adult type relationships. they just aren’t. i’ve know women in their mid to late 20’s that are still pretty immature and can’t make logical decisions. I’ve known guys that weren’t much better.

    bottom line: it’s the LAW. that’s it. end of discussion.

    Ken may be correct in biological terms (and pedophilia is an attraction to PRE-PUBESCENT children (like 4, 5, etc). Hebephilia refers to a primary or exclusive sexual interest in individuals in the early years of puberty (generally ages 11–14), and Ephebophilia refers to a primary or exclusive sexual interest of adults in mid-to-late adolescents, generally ages 15 to 19. so yes, there is a difference. the men in these stings are probably not pedos, but fall into the other two.

    none the less, by law, even young women that can have babies that are under the age of 18 (unless emancipated) are considered CHILDREN.

    again – bottom line: it’s the law. end of story.

    so let me ask you, ‘betterthanyou’ – you’d have no problems whatsoever if any of these men came over to s.c.r.e.w your 12-16 year old daughter? just because she is a ‘woman’ biologically now? I’ll bet you could get many a suitors for her.

    get help. please!

  • The real inconvenient truth.
    Ken is the only right here, you are all sick thanks to capital-feminist brainwash. Women can make babies, children not. First cycle start at 10 or 11, but there are also younger mom. Nature doesn’t give a fuck about your daughter’s education, degree and master or their wealth or honor. A 14 yo is a WOMAN and not a kid or a child. Many countries better than yours have age of consent at 12, 13 or simply after puberty. They are all WOMEN and not children. We survived the ages only because young men and women under 14 made sex and made babies.
    And all the young women about 10-13 are able to deliver healthy babies (last I read a spanish 10yo had a baby), instead of you all sick women writing here! Did you newer asked urself why a 12 yo woman get pregnant the first time she have sex and you instead have to get assistance after 30? Instead of want to make babies at 40, just accept you’r a grannie and maintain your daughter’s daughter; groom him/her and let mommy to go to study.
    And, yes feminists, males and females are different; males get puberty 1/2 later, that’s why in many countries age of consent is different between males and females.
    We should get back to nature, taking example from gipsy, arabs, arabs, real jews (not the yanks), …
    Pedophilie is a demagogic matter, easy to use for politics as it take parents in their bellies and most of electors are parents. And we all are afraid to lose ur importance as we get old and our partner can just drop us for a teen.

    But I loosing my time, we had been all young, underage men and women; so we know, we can deny the truth but we know it…

  • I also feel uncomfortable at times with Perverted Justice’s methods – sometimes it feels so vindictive and cruel, like they want to just smash the person to bits, like parts of the world where they cut off your hand for stealing…at the same time, I look at these men, and I think about the epidemic of sexual abuse with young girls, women sexually assaulted and I feel that men are completely out of control, and I wonder what will ever stop them. Maybe seeing the doctor humiliated like this will give some of these other guys pause. No one who gets caught ever seems to have compassion for the girl, it’s always about them. I sometimes wish PJ wasn’t so aggressive, in the sense that, I don’t think they need to taunt a potential perpetrator into coming over – they should stick to the scenarios where the victims are being groomed and encouraged. However, there are teens out there looking for attention from older men, and these men, even if they think they mean no harm, create a situation where they are encouraging a young girl to exploit herself for older male attention. I wonder what the doctor would say about someone coming over to see HIS daughter. Or, the two guys who came over together, in this same sting operation…if she’d decided no halfway through, being in the house alone, would they have responded, or raped her? How about the ex-convict who showed up, and was convicted for armed robbery, was he going to stop or protect her. As I said, I don’t LOVE PJ methods, but I also feel like who is going to stop these entitled men who feel like their sexual needs are more important than a young girls self-esteem and safety and life?

  • No, Ken, 13-14 years old was never a common age for girls to get married. Maybe 16 was the most common if married early. Most girls got married late teens/early twenties in decades/centuries back.

    Even if a 13 year old girl was lying in bed begging this guy to have sex with her, he would still be in the wrong to do so with a 13 year old child. And by the way, some girls don’t start to menstruate until they’re 14. I can’t believe you are calling them women when childbirth may even kill them as many of their body frames are too little to carry a baby. Not to mention their mental maturity. It is not entrapment, he had a choice whether to drive all the way to her house or not. B.S. I think you’re as sick in the head as he to think otherwise. To say all you did, and even calling them women, makes it suspect that you yourself are attracted to young teen girls. I feel for your daughter.

  • It’s funny to read all the comments here from wanna-be perverts defending their fellow pervert! You people are SICK and you NEED JESUS!

  • For all the people condemning Dr. Wolin (including Marcel Bertrand), let me ask a few questions: Not long ago (less than a century), women/girls were married at 13 or 14. Were their husbands pedophiles? No. I’m not condoning Dr. Wolin’s actions in the least bit, but to call him a pedophile and to have him lose his parental rights to his children are perhaps the larger of injustices surrounding this case. A pedophilie is an adult attracted to children. A girl who has begun her mentrual cycle is – by biological definition – no longer a child. As such, a heterosexual male is going to be – by instinct – attracted to the girl. When such a girl – or any girl – begins encouraging (offering, seducing, etc) a male, his is going to be torn between his physical desires and his morality. Such a temptation would not exist for victims like Dr. Wolin if not for the vigilante group that entrapped him. None of this would have ever happened without THEIR actions. So to villify this man because of a weak moment, to ruin his life, and to remove him from his kids is perhaps one of greatest injustices I’ve ever seen. P.S. I am the father of a 13-year-old girl. Should she ever take to the internet to seduce, tempt, and encourage a man to come visit her, Yes, he would be wrong to do so. But she herself would not be without fault.

  • I can’t believe at the comments that “Kate” wrote on Monday, July 5th, 2010 at 9:46 A.M. defending Dr. or former Dr. Wolin for his actions. Can you imagine if Kate had a 13 year old girl and Dr. Wolin made a “house call” to her house while Kate and her husband were away and the daughter was alone? I wonder if Kate’s comments would be the same as the stupid comments she made on this site? I think not. It’s people like her who are threats to our country. Always ready to let people off the hook and put them back on the streets working in the same job as they were doing prior to the arrest. It’s people like Kate that really worries me and the sensible public in this country. Thank God Kate isn’t a judge. We’d have Dr. Wolins running wild in every city. Thank God Wolin is gone and our children are protected from at least one bad guy no matter what position he once held. I wonder if Kate thinks all of the pedophile priests/ministers etc. should also be reinstated in their churches? I think so. People like her have no reasoning ability to choose between good and evil. God protect us from people like Kate.

    Marcel A. Bertrand
    Biddeford, Maine 04005-2383

  • He got off because he has money and is considered to be more of a benefit to society than a threat. Think about it. He just got caught. How many other people in *respected professions* do this stuff and get away with it?

  • Maurice Wolin couldn’t cure cancer if his life depended on it. He didn’t make a mistake – he set out to have sex with a 13 year old. That guy is definitely a threat to society.

  • This story really upsets me. Here is a prominent cancer researcher who has saved lives yet has his life ruined over some benign internet chat he had with a COP- not a child- a COP. We need Dr. Wolin finding a cure for cancer; not sitting in a jail cell over this idiocracy. The case should be thrown out as it is clearly a case of entrapment. For those of you who don’t know, entrapment is when a law enforcement agent induces a person to commit an offense which the person would otherwise have not committed. Read the chat and you will see. Dr. Wolin is badgered by the decoy to meet and only then after repeated pressure does he give in. To meet. Not to have sex. To meet.

    Undoubtedly, Dr. Wolin had a lapse in judgment when meeting with what he thought to be a child. However, never does Dr. Wolin engage in sexual behavior with a child. PERIOD. This man has paid the price for his stupidity. He is not a threat to society. By trade he has proven his worth as a human being. How many people can we say that for? I hope Dr. Wolin can pick up the pieces and continue to make strides in cure for cancer.

  • Mr. Wolin should have his medical license taken away. People should find out what company, if any, hires him, and let them know that he is a pedophile and potential child molester. I haven’t heard how Mrs. Wolin feels about having a pedophile as a husband. He should not be able to see his two kids; maybe he is molesting them, too?

    Let’s hound Wolin. He does not deserve any protection from being caught red-handing trying to rape a child.

  • As someone who works in law enforcement I totally agree with Sal Minella. Most of this shit would dry up fast if cops started doing stings on adolescents who are out there looking for sex with adults. These offenders got exactly what they deserved but you can’t call a juvenile who literally begs an offender to come over a “victim”. It seems like this is the only crime that juveniles can’t get charged with. Its frustrating because, after one adult offender gets in trouble and is locked up, the “victim” is immediately back looking to hook up with another adult.
    By the way, sex crimes like this are statistically a very small minority of cases. The overwhelming majority of offenders are well known to the victim long before the abuse happens, usually family members. Almost all the people I’ve seen locked up for soliciting a juvenile online were caught in stings rather than actual cases.

  • Agree that rich get off lightly, especially if they are Democrats. I also agree he should lose his visitation rights. I want to add that all Democrats are perverted scums and racists (I am of Indian descent) and you will see that Democrats want to have sex education in schools because they enjoy discussing graphic acts of sex with little children. This is true of every single Democrat.

  • wolin could dodge any punch thrown at him when he got arrested you should of seen that his head movement was pretty good followed by playin it cool by sayin “I didnt do anything man”

  • Just watched it on my dvr, that was wild how Wolin could just call his wife and ask her to go down to the jail and give them a $30k check to get him out of jail. I knew he would buy his way out of a sentence, the marine dude got 5 years, wow. What a difference when you don’t have money

  • I don’t know the details behind Pete Townsend’s situation, so I can’t comment on that.

    I do know the details behind Maurice Wolin. I watched it on To Catch A Predator. He was exposed by Perverted Justice. He tried to have sex with a 13 year old.

    I do think Maurice Wolin posses a threat to society, even after he’s been exposed and arrested. He has a sexual attraction/desire to have sex with 13 year olds. Additionally, he lacks the judgement to not act on his compulsion.

    Thank you Perverted Justice for exposing this horrible monster. He should at least be castrated to the point where he can never again have an erection again. That is only fair for what he’s done. Nothing less would be appropriate.

    I wouldn’t rush to protect the child molestor. Why not rush to the side of protecting children. If Chris Hansen hadn’t been there and it had been a real 13 year old….Maurice Wolin would have gone through with his plan of child rape.

  • Pete Townsend is also a registered sex offender and he’ll be playing at the Superbowl half-time on Sunday. Should he also commit suicide? Pee-Wee Herman was caught jackin’ off in the porn theater. He’s now starting up his kids show again. Men are cursed with lust to propagate the human species. Some can control it. Some can’t. Some make mistakes and learn their lesson. I don’t think Wolin is any further danger at this point.

  • It will be interesting to see if Maurice Wolin commits suicide from all of this. Personally, I don’t see what’ stopping him. In the event that he chooses to remain alive, I think it’s important that he loose custody and visitation of his daughters. I think it’s too dangerous to have him around his daughters because of the high likelihood that he will molest them. I am certain that “Dr” Wolin has been searching for children since his arrest. Child molestors like Wolin can’t help themselves.

    This is/was a great show. I hope it is brought back. The watchdog group Perverted Justice does just that – bring pervets to justice (as it should).It helps raise awareness of the problem in our society and I believe it’s saved some childrem from predators like Maurice Wolin.

    It is too bad that he hasn’t been castriated for his actions. I think if he wants to plea-bargin for a break from jail…he should agree to that. That would be the least that he owes to society since Perverted Justice exposed him for the predator that he really is.

  • Well, first off the guy has to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. He will be ostracized, harassed, and taunted wherever he goes until the day he dies. I think that’s a far worse sentence than some time in jail.

    Sal, Chris Hansen is an investigative reporter so that type of work goes with the territory. Besides, considering there were about a dozen armed police officers just a few yards away, I don’t think he had too much too worry about.

  • If these are “dangerous predators” why is law enfocement permitted to invite supposed menaces into neighborhoods? Afterall, don’t they supposedly represent a threat to every child? The host of the show doesn’t look like he could defend himself against a cheerleader, but has no reservations about confronting these dangerous deviants.

    Why isn’t law enforcement devoting an equal amount of time identifying underage children playing adult games on-line, and then ambushing the parents? I’d enjoy seeing guardians who learn their daughter is looking for carnal pleasures.

  • Not a particularly light sentence though a bit lighter than it might be due to the pre-trial motions having exposed the troubles with the evidence. Its already cost him a fortune in legal fees and even though I understand his wife has stood by him, I expect that will end now that he will be sentenced and no public show is required.

    Judge displayed considerable bias in believing this “friend at radio shack” and not even hearing the testimony of the defense expert.

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