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* Warning Graphic Video-Over 23 Tijuana Police Officers Killed by Drug Cartels in Last 5 Months-Watch News Video Here

Over 23 Tijuana police officers killed by drug cartels in last 5 months.  The drug cartels have declared war on the Tijuana Police Department and threaten to kill 5 officers a week until the new police chief resigns. Watch breaking news video here. Warning some video is graphic and may be disturbing.

CLICK HERE For more breaking news videos and crimes caught on tape.

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  • Dear Real Tijuana
    I agree with you that news should not be sensationalized for the pure shock value or to sell newspapers. I also agree that the mass majority of the people of Tijuana and of Mexico for that matter are hard working law abiding citizens. I have relatives in Tijuana. They are nice decent people and as far removed from the drug trafficking problem as you and I. However we must accept the truth that decades of failed government rule and endemic corruption at all levels has allowed the drug cartels to amass such power and wealth to the point of achieving total sovereignty over Mexican territory. This has allowed a monster to grow beyond belief. Twenty five police officers murdered in 5 months in one city alone and a credible threat to murder 5 police officers a week makes for a city virtually at war. The Arrellano-Félix Cartel of Tijuana is not the only cartel the government is battling. The government is simultaneously fighting equally powerful and deadly cartels all over Mexico. Vast portions of Sinaloa and Michoacan to name a few are also lawless. Lets not forget the over 2,200 murders in Ciudad Juarez in the last 11 months alone. As bad as the mobsters were of the Prohibition era they never attained the level of power that the Mexican drug cartels. Lastly your final gratuitous comment about American high school students is not true and was uncalled for.

  • Assassinations always make for gruesome headlines. Let’s put them in context. Here in Tijuana, whenever we hear detonations we still look to the sky first: we have not been disappointed yet to see fireworks celebrating something or other. This is the largest city on the West Coast and the drug-related conflicts occur generally in our suburbs.

    Ever since Nancy Reagan declared war on drugs, Tijuana police have been offered “plata o plomo” (silver or lead), which is no different than what Al Capone offered the Chicago police. The Arrellano-Félix Cartel became so entrenched in our municipal police force that a member of the Crossborder Group (a public relations firm hired by Tijuana’s Tourist and Convention Bureau) admitted he saw the situation as hopeless. Imagine, then, just how much resistance Leyzaola will encounter as he attempts to remove the silver from the equation.

    So bear with Tijuana as the body count rises and the sensationalists cry havoc. Both are now inevitable (unless this current Prohibition gets repealed suddenly). The ordinary citizens of Tijuana still lead a more peaceful, less stressful life than do their counterparts north of the border. And so far – touch wood – the Arrellano-Félix Cartel has killed fewer innocent bystanders than have U.S. high school students.

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