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* Jae Williams And Randy Thompson Of San Jose Face Felony Charges For Stabbing Murder Of 15-Year-Old Michael Russell On Comanche Drive

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Two San Jose teenagers charged with the stabbing death of a high school classmate had a December arraignment date set in Santa Clara County Superior Court this afternoon. Jae Williams, 15, and Randy Thompson, 16, each face a felony murder charge in the death of 15-year-old Michael Russell, according to district attorney spokeswoman Amy Cornell. The two juveniles will be tried as adults, Cornell said.Shortly after 8:30 p.m. on Nov. 10, Russell’s uncle found his body in the backyard of the family’s home in the 5600 block of Comanche Drive, according to court documents. Emergency responders pronounced Russell dead at the scene, noting he had been stabbed in the neck, back and chest.Williams and Thompson were Russell’s classmates at Santa Teresa High School in south San Jose, according to court documents. The pair has been charged, but their formal arraignment was postponed until Dec. 2. If convicted, they face a possible maximum sentence of 25 years to life in prison, according to Cornell.This is the second case in less than two weeks that the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office has decided to charge 15- and 16-year-old suspects as adults in connection with a brutal attack on another young person. On Nov. 5, Erik Diaz and Diego Gutierrez, both 16, and Hugo Torres, 15, were charged, along with an adult suspect, with shooting a 12-year-old boy and stabbing his 13-year-old friend while the boys trick-or-treated on Halloween night. Police have said that attack was gang-related. There is no indication Williams or Thompson are involved in gang activity, according to police.

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  • Id like to start out by offering my deepest condolences to the family of Mike. Michael was a great kid, seriously if you knew him you couldn’t imagine why someone would choose him as a target.. Michael, Jae, Randy, I, & a few others all hung out together EVERY singe day. I think what Jae & Randy did was sick & vicious. I could NEVER defend what those two have done, they murdered our friend… I will never forgive them for that… I’ve known Jae since 4th grade, I can assure you that if you think you know him, there’s just a side he’s hiding from you. It’s not like we were just peers, we were close. We called each other cousins but looking back now, I don’t think I can ever call him family again… I’m willing to say every thing I know that is necessary to help keep them behind bars. These two don’t deserve a slap on the wrist, they deserve to be tried as adults & receive the maximum punishment for the crime they have committed.. To mike & all his family, I offer my Deepest condolences.. Rest in peace Mike, Never forget you bud..

  • All you young kids can have your feelings. I’m sure they’re real. But, at the end of the day, there is a reason why kids your age are called to jury duty…basically you are not qualified (generally speaking) to make competent decisions around issues like this. You are more likely to draw on a well of emotion than do what it takes to protect society from sociopathic teens–and so what you are left with are your feelings about the issue. Hopefully you will remember down the road that we do live in a society of consequences. The consequences that have already come to pass are not enough. More must be done. Judging is natural, as well as a civic duty, so lay off your “call off the dogs” positions. Neither these kids, nor you, will elude judgement…it’s going on all the time. Have your sadness, sure, but I also encourage you to grow up. Many adults chose not to.

  • My heart goes out to the Family of Michael. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I am 15 years old and know just exactly what this family is going through. On June 27, 2010 My 16 year old brother James was shot and Killed by someone who was supposed to be his friend. This young man Daniel Nadler got away with Involuntary Man Slaughter. He’s only getting 3 years in a detention facility. When he turns 18 it all gets wiped off his records and he walks scott free. It’s such a tragedy when things like this happen. It’s complete nonsense and it deffintley needs to stop. Families shouldn’t have to deal with losing their Sons or daughters, nieces, nephews, best friends, grandchildren and brothers and sisters when they are only so young. I hope that unlike the murderer in my brothers case that these young men stay in prison for as long as they live. They took a young mans life and now theirs needs taken away too. They know right from wrong and this was deffintley wrong. I just hope these young men feel remorse for what they have done. They ruined so many peoples lives. The boy in my brothers case shows no remorse whatsoever for what he did to my brother and my family. I just hope its not the same with these kids. My heart really and truly does go out to the family of Michael and I hope things get better for them. And that they can eventually and hopefully find peace with this and know that their son and friend is in a better place away from all the pain of this cruel world. I hope things get better. 🙂

  • You have got to be kidding me, have a heart!!!! Yes everyone lost in this situation and feeling a sence of sorrow for all the families involved is one thing but to think that these boys deserve a 2nd chance is unbelievable. So you would feel safe in your home and allow either one of those boys to stay with you? Because they made a mistake. and if they had killed your child you think you would still feel they deserve a 2nd chance at life????? Ppl are amazing I am beyond words, I cant beleive that anyone can honestly say that murder is a F-ing mistake. NO spilling something is an accident what they did was a CHOICE, A PLANNED CHOICE. NO MISTAKE!!!!! Why dont you try putting your self in the other families shoes try feeling for the REAL victims here. NO MURDERS!!!! No wonder this county has the crime rate it does because OOPP’s I made a mistake I didnt mean to really stab my friend over and over. GET REAL!!!!!!!!!!

  • it’s wierd how you’re gunna waste your time going on this site just to hate them even more. thier doing thier crime. so let it be. Micheal’s parents lost a son, and it’s hprrible that they took his life away. But feel bad for Jae and Randy’s parents. they lost a son too. just like myself and alot of other people lost all three of them. They shouldn’t be tried as adults, thier kids who made a huge mistake, but life in prison? really!? shouldn’t they get a second chance at life? doesn’t anyone have a heart to at least feel a little bad for two teenagers who should have a life, who made a mistake. Who are you to judge them? instead of hateing them, just have a heart.

  • Let me start out by saying I know Jae VERY well, and know his dad and his dad’s family. First lets get the real facts straight by someone who knows Jae’s story 1st hand, this “boy” has serious problems and anyone who has been around him and paied any attention at ALL could and should have noticed. His mother did see changes in him but was to busy with her own life to give him the time and attention he needed, I mean HONESTLY what kind of mother could pick her son up after he committed such a hanus and not notice anything. As far as Jae’s dad he lives in another state and so no he wasn’t around on a daily basis but it was NOT because he wasn’t an involved parent, Jae would go to his dads house every summer and wanted to live w/ his dad but HIS mother wouldnt allow it. So lets not point fingers and place blame or try to make excuses as to why Jae or Randy did this, bottom line is they DID IT!!!! As far as those boys going to counseling as punnishment, you have got to be kidding, do you really think you would be ok w/ the person who murdered your child to be sentenced to counseling??? I think that if you are able to commit a crime such as this that you should be put in prison for the rest of your living life, I do not beleive in the death penalty because who are we to say when a person should die, it is the same thing just legalize. I think ANYONE who takes anothers life should be locked away forever because no amount of time will make the victims family feel better or take their hurt away, the saddness and pain they feel will be with them forever, murder is not something you are able to make right with counseling or after so many years. Yes they are 15 and 16 year old boys but they were not stupid they knew and still know right from wrong they just didnt care. My thoughts and prayers are with the Russell family I am truly sorry for your loss. Lets not get things twisted Jae and Randy are NOT in ANYWAY the victim, when you start to feel bad for those two try thinking about the Russell family who will never have another day with their child.

  • In my opinion people shouldnt be judging either one of their families because, when you think about it each one of them is losing a son. The Russells sadly lost theirs on that night but, The other two familes are on the verge of losing their sons too. Sometimes you have to take a step back and try to walk in their shoes. People cope with things diffrently, Mabye the Thomson family is covering up their pain by “sneering & jokeing” around. You can either move on with your life even if it takes a while or be sad and depressed for the rest of your life. I’m almost sure they do have sorrow for what happened but mabye they are just trying to move on..Rest in Peace Michael Russell.

  • to the “court observer” thier families behavior have nothing to do with Jae and Randy.. Honestly people should think about this..
    Jae and Randy are still boys, yes they both did something horrible, but with all of the negative energy and hate you guys are putting in this, isn’t gunna bring back Michael. So think about, do you really want two more boys to die too? cause in a way they are dieing, they honestly need counsaling. We all need to see whats REALLY in thier head. i am a verrrryy close friend of Jae’s. I know Randy and Michael. so this hurts me as well. I’m horrified of what they did to Michael. but like i said he isnt comming back, if you actually wanna help, please think of what’s in thier mind, think of what they have to go threw everyday. I would think they felt bad, knowing people are saying rude things like most of you do? would you want people to treat you like that?! I along with other people at Santa Teresa High School, still stick by thier sides, we dont like what they did, but i dont want Jae or Randy to “rot in hell” or “get the death penalty!! They need a real consaquence. Counsaling, is a pretty good one, thier not monsters, thier two tennage boys who got caught up in the wrong stuff! Think of that.

  • To those of you who have said that the Thompsons are a great family, I beg to differ. The behavior I have seen inside and outside of court is absolutely disgusting. They sneer, they joke around, they act like it’s just a day in the park, all in front of the family of the victim. None of them show any remorse or sorrow. They almost act like this is a tv show and not real life, with real consequences and a real victim. Jae williams and Randy Thompson are not victims, and I have no pity for their disgusting families. They raised these two sick little beasts, and from observing their court-room behavior, I can see where these monsters get their attitudes from. I hope these families suffer along with their sons.

  • I personally think that everyone needs to mind their own business. Obviously everyones family, in which of where someone was involved in, is going through a lot. If it has nothing to do with you, leave the families alone, leave your smack to yourself, and mind your own business.

  • I think all you need to SHUT THE dUCK UP! its so annoying how your all so ducking quick to judge Randy & talk shit about Corey & the rest of the Thompson family, its ducked up. its just a regular family where something bad happened to them. its NO ONES place to stand & talk thit about it, espically when ALL the families of this situation are going threw alot. you all need to grow UP and shut your mouths, when no one knows shit about whats going on.

  • I am Randy Thompsons cousin, He actually was a very kind hearted & NICE KID! He was in the wrong place at the wrong time & i feel so bad for the family of michael russell. but these are two children & they DO NOT whatsoever deserve a death penalty. it was not right in any place to kill michael, but Randy is a great kid, i honestly believe he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  • TO: “me”, you really are a moron…I also knew Randy and his family, they were all great people…with the exception of corey…but that dosn’t mean what Randy did was any less sadistic, twisted, or evil. He deserves whatever punishment the courts give him. I’m guessing you’re a teen as well, so that’s probably why you feel teens shouldn’t be incarserated. If all the teen rapists, murderers, and nut jobs were allowed to walk could you imagine what kind of a world we would live in? I love Randy like a brother, but he stabbed someone to death, and don’t give me that bs about he didn’t know any better. You probably know that killing another human being is wrong, and if you don’t you need some help. That being said, I would like you to look at this situation like a normal human being. I understand you being Randy’s friend makes you biased, but look at it through the eyes of an outsider. If you still can’t see how wrong Randy and Jae were, all I can say is…GO JUMP OFF A BRIDGE AND SPARE US YOUR ILLOGICAL OPINIONS.

  • To those of you who are standing up for you buddies Jae and Randy, and to the person who called other people idiots. I’d like you to stop for a moment and think about what we are actually talking about here. Yes, in this country we are innocent until proven guilty, but you must know that in order to be held without bail, charged as an adult, and tried for first degree murder, the prosecutor has had to be able to show good cause to the judge. This isn’t something that happens in ever case, it takes a lot of. I knew Mikey very well from the time he was born. While you friends of Jae and Randy are standing up for them, who was standing up for Mikey as his “friends” savagely attacked him. I would like you to please think about that before you start typing to defend them again, or start talking about their mental issues. A child was brutally murdered. Whatever issues Randy and Jae had are besides the point. People who kill other people, cannot be rehabilitated. You need to familiarize yourself with some facts. Back in the day they used to try to “treat” murderers in prison with therapy and medicine and then parole them. That’s how we end up with lots of parolees who get out and kill again. You may care about these guys, but they apparently have a side to them that you have been very lucky not to see. May they never get another chance to kill again.

  • both randy and jae were friends of mine. im really sorry about michael, dont get me wrong, but like desirae again said, they werent all there. yea, they did drugs, but a good chunk of teens these days do, so if your going to judge them, jdge an other good 25% of teens in America. people are calling jae satanic for that little bit he put on his myspace, but i think that would be pretty fun too, and im not a satanist. i see both sides of the argument, but i still love both of them with all my heart.

  • …and they werent lowlifes they just obviously didnt have parents to show them whats right and they werent all there if you get im saying and jae’s dad was never around and yes *&^% they are caring and nice what if your kid made a mistake like this you would fight for them right so shut the @#$% up because you obviously dont know them if your saying these things

  • i knew all three of them..
    randy was dating my best friend at the time and jay best friends with her twin.
    it hard to watch this because i new them all but i believe they should be as aduts or go get help at lest..they werent like was the new is putting them as but sill.

  • TO: K adn the rest of you dummies
    Your a idiot!!! have you ever heard of freedom of speech, or someone stating their own opinion.. Why don’t you school your self, because you sound stupid!!! What does church have to do with this?
    What happened is HORRIBLE, no if’s and’s or buts!!! Do any of you KNOW the familys in this case? i did not think so… Everyone is so quick to judge randy and jae’s familys/parents..I did not know Jae so i cant say anytihng about him or his family.. but randy and his family on the other hand, i know!! They are GREAT people, and are in just much as shock as anyone else..Another thing..MYSPACE and all those website places can not be used to judge someones character, things that people say and do on there are not really who they are or what they REALLY think.. PSYCHOLOGY PEOPLE!!! Media blows everything out of proportion, you should know that!!! My heart goes out to the family of Michael!!! Also to the familys of Randy and Jae!!!

  • yes murder is murder and both boys will have to pay the consequences for their actions. There is only one judge and that is God. Instead of spending energy and thought creating more negative tension let’s use it to reach out to ALL the families that have been affected by this tragedy. Instaed of distracting ourselves with hate and judgement pray for Jae and Randy. My heart goes out to the families of Michael, Jae, and Randy. I’m truely sorry for all your loses.

  • I must say I can see both sides to everyone’s opinion. I believe that yes these boys have commited a serious crime and should be punished for it, and must do there time. On the other side sometimes when they do time, it hardens them. So when they are released, if they ever do get out their minds are tainted with hatred, distrust and anger (bad combo). Yet some come out changed. I am a firm believer that Juvenile Hall or Jail are not always the answers to help these kids. Statics show for troubled teens it can just take one person to change there life around. I am also speaking from experience! It only took one person to save my life and change it around. I could of ended up just like these boys, but someone actually showed they truly cared. I’m not saying they shouldn’t do their time, but there is still hope for them in my eyes.

  • Don’t get me wrong as there are exeptions, but any teenager 13 and up who commits a violent crime to another individual deserves to be trialed as an adult. And of course, everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.As a prosecuter, I would even go to the extent of determining if this act was premeditated murder. It seems as though the two accused had this planned. Their my space website promoted acts of cruelty. They befriended the victim and executed their deep rooted sadostic values depicted on their My Space. If you ask me, both should be given the death sentence,if convicted. The parent of the victim should also file a wrongful death suit against the parents of the teens. This is just my two cents….

  • These two “boys” should be shown the same compassion and mercy that they had toward Michael. I don’t care how “sick” they were, or whether or not mommy and daddy slapped them around, they knew what they were doing when they viciously attacked another human being. To the person who doesn’t think they should be tried as adults, and thinks they shouldn’t be in jail… wait until you hear the facts before you talk about what they deserve. These two are sick, and sick in a way that cannot be treated. They are a danger to society and always will be. They should NEVER walk the streets again. Two sociopathic little monsters!

  • TO: anonymos on Thu, 19th Nov 2009 2:12 am
    I have to comment on your response. Do you go to church? Do you believe in killing? I think if you would like to make a response like that you should have the education to back it up and from what I have read you do not have the education. So……..let me school you… first, children at the age of 2 know the difference between right and wrong.
    We are given a gift of passion and empathy toward people. Which I believe these kids do not have and are a total threat to our society. An example will be made out of these two and the terrible crime that they have committed. Society is no longer going to sit back and allow this behavior to continue. If these two killers had problems that is there parents issue and it should have been addressed before something like this happened.
    Kids do not go out and kill people so you need to get that point out of your mind. They are not kids. They are maggots to society that need to spend the rest of their life dealing with that. Oh and by they way… YOUR heart breaks? Imagine how the family that has lost their son feels? Yeah, keep that thought in your head before you make your next comment.

  • its an eye for an eye!!! You take a life you dont deserve to live. Those kids new what they were doing they went to that house to take a life.For the person who thinks they should be released some day your a cold person and probally have no children if you did you would understand better. Dont forget a child’s life is now gone because of their actions and they must pay to the fullest.Its not ok to do this what lession would be shown if they got off lightly??????????????

  • A “caring” person wouldnt of stabbed someone. so to hell with all the they were nice crap and that theyre teens they dont know what theyre doing and they shouldnt be tried as adults. They knew what was wrong from right, and im with everyone that say they need to be tried as adults.

  • They deserve the death penalty. I don’t care if they seemed like “caring” or “nice” people, obviously they weren’t because murder is murder. These kinds of lowlifes have absolutely no right to live.

  • they need to be punished severly i knew jae and he seeemed like some1 dat mould do that for pleasure he took a kids life

  • i hope somebody out there will realize and understand and appreciate the difficulty in writing
    about this particular just please hear me out about this one.i can promise you its worth your time.
    its wrong that they are trying jae and randy as adults.they need to look into the full story because from what ive
    heard they are only pointing out the bad things about these boys,they were both really caring guys.if you talk to
    their close friends they can tell you diffrent then what the media has been saying about what if they
    wear black clothes? most teens nowadays do its just a phase..and randy eating an octopus leg has nothing to do with
    murdeing so there was no reason to put that in the video thing.a lot of people eat seafood..
    it botheres me that the boys are only 15 and 16 and they are trying them as adults.
    they might be able to commit the same crimes an adult would but, do they understand what they did?
    the judges and the jury need to keep in mind that teens dont think the same way adults do.
    teenagers act mostly on impulse and they are designed to work that way until a certain age.
    what are you suppost to do at the age when your wired to make mistakes?..because thats how you learn.
    they also dont think about the concenquesces, studies have found that teens brains dont work
    the same way as an adults brain does.thats why they have laws that say you cant drop out of school
    until 16,drink at age 21 and you cant rent a car until your 25,they make these rules because they know kids under
    18 havent fully developed.but in this court hearing they probably didnt think about that..or so i think.
    teens should not be sent to jail no matter how bad the crime.also keep in mind that most teens that are sent to
    jail will never come out being functional adults because they didnt get the right counseling or services.
    if you put teens in adult jail they are treated really bad.teens are at a part in their life where they learn
    from whats around them.they will learn unproductive skills.teens need to be nurtured and cared for in a
    facilty that is designed for them..thats exactly why they made a juvenile center for them in the first place.
    both jae williams and randy thomson have mental problems that makes them diffrent from any other 15 or
    16 year old the jury needs to look into both their past.depression can take huge toll on having
    depression,skitsofrenia,bulimia also being suicidal..i can see where both teen are comeing from.people like
    us cant think straight we dont function like other teens.i can say i feel horrible about mike russell and
    the way he died breaks my heart he wasnt suppost to go this way.i dont wanna belive that jae and randy killed
    mike but if they did i feel both jae and randy should be punished but not as adults.they need to learn their
    lesson but being punished by death is just taking it way to far then it should be.they need to be treated like
    the teens they are..they are only teens they are still considerd as babies in some peoples eyes.they have or
    had their whole life ahead of them.i belive that if they get the right help and or counseling they can be
    released into the public without being a threat to hurts me so bad to see two guys i care so much
    about go through something like just breaks my heart..people are saying that jae looks like he doesnt
    care but knowing him the way i do im sure he feels bad deep inside..sometimes when youve been through a lot
    all you can do is pretend, pretend that you dont care, because thats what society had done to most people
    crying or feeling bad is considered weakness in their eys.hopefully this letter get to the judge and the jury
    before they make their desisions on december seconed 2009.bacause if they give these kids a life sentance or a
    death sentance then it proves we live in a cold cruel world where people dont really care and dont take the time
    to tryto understand..enough said..

  • randy thompson was my best friend in middle school and i havent seen him in around 2 years but i wish to contact him and ask him what the hell he was thinking!!! i dont know how to do that though… will someone help me? my email address is [email protected] if anyone can help. my conversation will mean no harm in any way its just im completely shocked and dissapointed that somthing like this would happen. randy and i were known around the school as “the thompson brothers” even though we werent related. please if anyone can help than contact me.

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