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* Jack Byars Alias “Sonny” Being Sought by San Jose Police for Alleged Stabbing on Barnard Avenue

ID #09-269

The San Jose Police Department is currently seeking Jack Byars alias “Sonny” on a $200,000 felony warrant charging him with Assault with a Deadly Weapon.  Detective Hoa Tran reports that on September 2nd 2009 at about 10 PM Byars agreed to meet an acquaintance at the McDonalds Restaurant on Tully Road near Senter Road.  When the victim failed to show up,  Byars went looking for him and found him driving on Barnard Avenue. He then allegedly stopped the victim and attacked him with a box cutter, cutting the victim across his face.  Byars then fled the scene in a black BMW convertible with unknown license plate being driven by an unknown accomplice. [flash http://fugitive.com/videos/commercials/Dougan30-02.flv w=460 h=320 mode=0 f={image=http://fugitive.com/stills/dougan.gif&overstretch=true}]

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