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* East Palo Alto Raid 2500 Block Of Baylor Street And Fordham Street 30 Children Along With Guns And Drugs Found

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State narcotics agents and local authorities raided two houses containing dozens of people in East Palo Alto this morning, arresting one person and seizing drugs and a gun. The raids were carried out at about 5 a.m. at a home in the 2400 block of Fordham Street and a home in the 2500 block of Baylor Street, Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement Special Agent in Charge Bob Cooke said. The San Mateo County sheriff’s SWAT team assisted, making the initial “high-risk” entry into the homes, Cooke said. They met with no resistance, and at the Baylor Street home authorities arrested one person and seized 15-20 rocks of cocaine and a 9mm handgun, Cooke said. Cooke said there were about 50 people inside the two houses, including roughly 30 children scattered throughout the homes.”They were sleeping everywhere imaginable,” he said. The children, who ranged in age from infants to teens, were briefly separated from most of the adults and put onto a bus while the agents
determined “what children belonged to what parents,” Cooke said.They were then reunited with the adults. Cooke said Child Protective Services was involved this morning but did not immediately know of any children who were taken from their parents.Cooke said the raids stemmed from an investigation by the state Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement and the state Bureau of Firearms, Cooke said.

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  • Bob Cooke can kiss ass….he doesn’t know anything….I am a resident in one of the homes that was raided. He did not find 15-20 rocks. He only found 4 and a weapon that was registered to one of the family members. To make things clear, it was a registered weapon and it was in a lock box. The only reason why Mr. Cooke announced guns and drugs is because it was assumedly to be a huge drug bust-they should be ashamed of themselves. They waisted our tax money to find nothing. They put us down for the size of people living in both houses. Because you didn’t find anything, you want to put us down? The real situation was a drug bust not the size of the family and how we live. What matters is that we are family, we love each other, and we are all alive. I forgive you and everyone for their false accusations and their rude comments. Until this happens to you, you would understand. Mr. Bob Cooke, you were there, you saw the evidence why lie. Why not be real? Why exaggerate the truth when you knew how much and what you found. You were dissappointed so you went ahead and told a white lie. I forgive you. What you and the San Mateo County and the Santa Clara County did was unimaginable. You guys stripped us from our pride and of our privacy. I do not know if i can trust any of you guys. Put yourselves in our shoes. I’m not mad at those who were there raiding the house, it was a court order and they were only doing their job. I am not mad at those men who were nice to us. But the judge and the ones who were staking out both homes, do your research before you act upon it, because look what happened, it made an ass out of you. Thank you and have a good day.

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