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* Ricardo Gonzalez Alleged Sureño Gang Member Wanted for Allegedly Sexually Assaulting Child

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ID# 09-079 – Oakland, CA

Alameda County Sheriff’s Office Detectives are looking for 33-year-old Ricardo Gonzalez who is wanted for allegedly sexually assaulting a child that was under the age of 14.  Gonzalez, who is a suspected member of the Sureño street gang, has evaded law enforcement and is thought to be hiding in the Oakland area.

09-079photo1Gonzalez is a Hispanic male adult, 5’6” tall, 135 pounds, short black hair, mustache, brown eyes and tattoos on both upper arms.  Alameda County Sheriff’s Detectives have obtained a felony no-bail arrest warrant for Gonzalez.  Gonzalez has made threats to harm the victim for cooperating with law enforcement in this case and that he will flee to Mexico.  The victim, who was between the ages of eleven and fourteen when the crimes occurred, recently came forward to sheriff’s detectives. Please call the Fugitive Watch hot line at 1-800-9-CAUGHT (1-800-922-8448) or text at 408-355-0999 if you have any information on his whereabouts or that can help solve this crime.

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  • its sad we see people go straight to race when this has nothing to do with race at all. A little girl is hurt and all your ignorance is doing nothing but creating uncalled for hate. Sick people like this man come in many cultures,colors and sizes. You really sound ignorant its amusing ,these gang bangers give my people a bad name that came here for he right reasons, stop all the hate and keyboard nonsense and do something good instead. Poor girl, I really hope she can get the help she needs. That’s a tough road to walk for anybody.

  • Figures, that’s what the southerners like right? Raping boys, isnt that why this all started? cause u mf’s were trying to rape your way to power? Im pretty sure it is. You can keep saying it its not true all you want doesn’t make it so. “Real surenos would never!” maybe you should check your history books before u start makin false claims. he stays in the main population with you doesn’t he? All you ghetto lil section 8 welfare idiots just keep killing n molesting the kids down south and stay away from our kids n streets up here in northern Cali. Hope they caught this sicko n Ur not hiding him somewhere.

    Educated in NorCal where we haven’t forgotten the discipline.

  • So can u guys stop this stupid blaming because it has nothing to do with ignorance, color, or status. It has to do with sick fucks like this taking the only innocence that exist in this world. We need to see this crime for what it is and that’s inhumane. It’s sad that other crimes will get you more time than abusing kids. On top of that they get released early for good behavior because of the special treatment they are given in jail. I don’t like that tax money pays for pedophiles to be protected while serving their “punishment”. If u know where this animal is… what do they do with a rabid animal? Turn him in before he hurts more children.

  • Why are u guys arguing and fighting about things that don’t matter? I mean they are bigger things in the world that we need to fight for not as a color or ethnicity but as people. Child molestation is a big problem in this world. Monsters like that come in different shapes and sizes. They are not only found in the ghetto or colored communities were u find gangs. They also come from way up top. Corporate men who fly out to 3rd world countries were they know they can easily abuse children for a dollar or two and get away with it. white, black, brown, yellow, rich, poor, gang member, or government officials hell I don’t care if u can’t read or write u touch a child you deserve to live as long as you can in a room were u are tortured burned, skinned and revived several times to do it all over again.

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