* San Jose Police Blotter 10/11/2009

0420   HRS    EVT    09-284-0252      TYPE    Burglary
LOCATION     1000 Block of The Alameda       BEAT    F4
Officer stopped a vehicle leaving a closed business.  The business had a prior burglary alarm activation.  The suspect vehicle had false registration.  The driver of the vehicle was on parole.  A search of the vehicle found stolen property, narcotics, burglary tools and the victim’s information.  The suspect was booked for possession of stolen property and violation of parole.

0219   HRS    EVT    09-284-0179      TYPE    Firearms Discharge
LOCATION     1500 Block of Virginia Place       BEAT    M3
The victims were outside of their residence arguing when they heard the sound of gunfire.  They looked down the street and saw a male walking toward them with a shotgun.  The suspect fired another round.  The suspect then fled into his residence.  The victims pointed out the residence they saw the suspect run to.  Officers made contact at the residence and were able to locate evidence that linked the resident there to the crime.

1215   HRS    EVT    09-284-0467      TYPE    Commercial Burglary
LOCATION     1300 Block of E. Taylor       BEAT    M1
An unknown number of suspects entered the business by cutting their way into the warehouse wall.  They exited via the front roll-up door and left with the above items.

1402   HRS    EVT    09-284-0560      TYPE    Strong Arm Robbery
LOCATION     Independence High School       BEAT    M1
An unknown suspect in his late teens or early 20’s stopped a juvenile who was riding his bike and asked what time it was.  The suspect then forcefully pulled the bike way from the victim and took it as the victim feared for his safety.  The suspect was last seen riding away on Educational Park toward McKee Road.

1907   HRS    EVT    09-284-0851        TYPE        Assault with a Deadly Weapon/ Attempted Robbery    LOCATION     1600 Block of Tully Road     BEAT    C2
While attempting to steal some items from the store, the suspect broke the display case, picked up a shard of glass and began slashing at an employee.  The suspect got away from the first employee, then slashed a second employee causing minor injuries.  The suspect was detained by the employees and store security.  The suspect received minor injuries to his hand from the glass shard and complaint of pain from the struggle with the employees.  The suspect was treated at a local hospital and booked into County Jail.

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