* San Jose Police Blotter 10/14-15/09

3:30 PM   Case    09-287-0694           TYPE      Assault with a Deadly Weapon LOCATION     Lucretia / Summerside            BEAT    L3 A 17-year old victim was reported stabbed by four suspects.  The victim was transported to the hospital for treatment.  No suspect’s in custody.  The investigation is on-going.

6:33 PM   Case    09-287-0921        TYPE      Strong Armed Robbery LOCATION     300 N. Capitol Avenue @ Walgreens        BEAT    W4 The male and female suspects assaulted the victim, took his money and fled.  Additional information from a prior call as to the location of the suspect’s residence.  Officers located the suspects at their residence and were arrested/ booked for strong arm robbery.

11:46 PM  Case    09-287-1285           TYPE      Under the influence, Possession LOCATION     N.1st/ Sonora            BEAT    R3 Officer stopped a car for a vehicle code violation.  The female driver was under the influence of a controlled substance as was a male passenger.  Search incident to arrest revealed narcotics on both subjects.  The female was booked for under the influence and possession.  The male was booked for under the influence, possession for sales and a juvenile probation hold. 

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