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* Manuel Enrique Jaco Being Sought for Alleged Murder by Riverside Sheriff’s Deputies

ID #09-258

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department is currently seeking Manuel Enrique Jaco on a warrant charging him with murder.  Detectives report that on March 16, 2004, Manuel Jaco arrived at the McDonalds’s parking lot in the City of Glen Avon to pick up a family member who had been smuggled over the border by “coyotes”.  When the coyotes arrived in a van, Jaco got out of his red Nissan X-Terra SUV, and walked over to the passenger side to talk.  An argument ensued over the payment for the family member.  Jaco then produced a handgun and a struggle ensued.  The coyotes sped out of the parking lot with the two aliens still in the back of the van.  They drove at a high rate of speed, westbound on Mission Blvd., with Jaco in close pursuit.  When the van reached Pedley Road it stalled.  Jaco pulled his SUV up to the passenger side of the van, got out with the gun, walked up to the open window and allegedly fired one round into the victim’s forehead at point blank range.  Jaco opened the door of the van and collected his family member.  The other alien in the van ran off. Jaco should be considered armed and dangerous.

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